If you are ordering and joining the Passive Journal universe, you have all the rights to know about our privacy and refund policy. You are also accepting this terms when you are ordering anything on our website and these terms & policies would redeem to be finalized in case there’s a conflict.

Refund: We do not offer any refund on our course. As this is a digital product, we consider it delivered once purchased and it cannot be refunded from that point onwards.

Sharability: Our courses are not shareable. If you share it with your friends or family members, you will be banned from our dashboard and will be removed from all our systems.

Multiple Device Usage: We only allow using one device for our courses. We recommend it to be a PC or a laptop but it can be any device you want. We will not allow any device change once one device is used to log in to the course.

Device change: We do not allow any device changed once you login with your device.

Earnings Disclaimer: We don’t provide any guarantee of earnings in any of our courses. A lot of our students do very well after completing our courses, a lot of our students also fail. There’s no “income guarantee” with any of our products.  

Piracy Prevention: If you are found recording our courses, sharing, illegally distributing our courses, we will be taking legal actions against you according to the copyright law of Bangladesh.

Success & Promotion: When you send us a video or post on our discord support or email us, you give us rights to use the materials on our marketing activities.

If you have any issues regarding any of the above terms, please email us within 24 hours of purchase. Once 24 hours is passed, we will not be able to alter anything for you.

Thank You

Team Passive Journal

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