Feb 21, 2017

Passive Project: Update 7: Slow Growth Continues!

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I have been into affiliate marketing for a very short time! For those who know me will know that i was never into niche site industry. I was a freelancer and i was happy with my life. Then i came into affiliate marketing and everything changed. I built Passive Journal and currently, Passive Journal is growing at a great pace which is awesome.

Anyway, i have finally decided….

It is time to go for a Passive Project. And I am not going to target only Amazon Associate Program for this website. I am going to target Amazon Associate & Google Adsense.

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Hello everyone and welcome to another update of Passive Project. Did I rank everything? Not really. Am I going there? Most certainly!

If you remember, we had a plan for February. We had three goals:

  • Getting 15 backlinks
  • Publishing 5 articles
  • Complete Competition Analysis

Let’s go one by one!

So I did the competition analysis early this month. The idea was simple. I have around 25 money keywords planned for this website for now. So I did a google search using each of the keywords. Took all the first page competitions and ran them on Majestic.

Here are the key findings:

  • My competitors are super tough
  • Almost all of them are authority sites with high PA & DA
  • Though they are authority and popular names, they lack quality backlinks
  • They are really old
  • Almost all of my competitions have 100+ pieces of content on their website

So these are all the negatives. In short, I have tough competition for almost all of my money keywords. I don’t mind though. It will be a long journey with Passive Project which is fine by me.

Patience is the game!

Now, My plan was to publish 5 articles and once again, I fell short. I only published 3 but hey, it is only 21st February today. May be I will be able to publish 2 more within the next 9 days.

Now, about the backlinks, I have good news.

I managed to get 28 backlinks so far for the website which I think is awesome. I will be following the basic niche site backlink methods that I discussed before. Initially, I started with submissions, blog commenting & guest posting. Most of the 28 backlinks came via first two methods. I only got around 9 guest posts so far.

majestic data

I am not using any of our team members for Passive Project! So I myself, will be doing all the SEO for the site. That’s going to take time for sure but I am enjoying the process.

As I work full time for Passive Journal now, I have enough time to invest and I am loving it.


Remember the ranking update of last month? Most of our keywords were in the second and third page. There is a slight improvement now which you can see in this screenshot. You will notice that I am going to rank for some very big volume keywords which is awesome. Once I make them appear on the first page of Google, things will become more interesting for sure.

ranking february

If you guys are following along, you should have your website ready with more than enough content by now. I think I have around 40000 words now and I would love to publish around 200,000 to 300,000 words on this website within 2017.

Now, let’s quickly talk about March. What is going to be our strategy for March, 2017?

  • Get 10 Backlinks
  • Publish 5 Articles

And that’s it. It is time to sit back a bit and see the effects of the SEO that we are doing.  I think we can rank a few keywords by April, what do you think?

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Comments (8)

  • Chris
    Feb 23, 2017

    What program do you use to track your up and down keyword ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. I see your snapshot on this blog post. I always enjoy your updates!

    • passivejournal
      Feb 25, 2017

      It is SERPBOOK.com. I think I mentioned it in Update 4-5. Forgot 🙂

  • Selim Hossain
    Mar 6, 2017

    I read your 7 case study what you published recently. But in the first you share your investment and earning but now you didn’t share it. I eagerly want to know about the earning summary.

    Waiting for your next update. thanks a lot to share truly case study. I didn’t ever see this type of case study.

    • passivejournal
      Mar 8, 2017

      Yes. In one of the updates, I mentioned that I wouldn’t be sharing the same details again and again. But I will in some of them. May be in update 9 or 10, I will again share the total expense.

  • Mark Jensen
    Mar 7, 2017

    Hi Khalid!
    I found your blog after reading about you on NichePursuits. I just started working with niche sites myself and I found your story very inspiring. In fact, you have inspired me to create my very first niche site, so I just wanted to thank you!
    I would also like to say, that making content like this where your audience can follow your progress is very motivating, so – please – keep it up!
    Best Regards,
    Mark 🙂

    • passivejournal
      Mar 8, 2017

      Hello Mark,

      I am glad you liked my story. Be in touch. Your most welcome. 🙂

  • Al Amin kabir
    Mar 14, 2017

    Awesome ! Keep it on going khaled

  • muhib
    Apr 4, 2017

    I am felling so interesting as a beginner. Hopefully my journey will be same like you. Thanks a lot for motivated me.


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