Jul 19, 2017

How To Make More Money From Your Existing Affiliate Website

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Creating a new website is a pain. You have to go through all the steps once again starting from keyword research to setting up the site and finally doing SEO to rank and earn from your affiliate website. Tough, right?

I know. I have been there on multiple occasions.

Yes, you will still be creating new websites but at the same time, it is a lot easier to generate more income from your existing traffic of the site. How?How To Make More Money From Your Existing Affiliate Website

Making More Money From Your Existing Affiliate Websites

Now, before I start with the strategies, I should tell you that all the methods won’t be applicable to everyone. Choose your one/two based on your expertise and the niche type. Whether you are into Amazon affiliate marketing or in other types of affiliate business, you will be able to extract value out of these strategies.


One big mistake of┬ámany affiliate marketers is the fact that they don’t recommend their own favorite product. Most affiliate websites only talk about products trying to be honest and non-biased. Don’t get me wrong. That’s great. But at the same time, you have to understand the psychology of your consumers. They are searching with buying keywords because they don’t know what product to buy.

A recommendation will easily boost your earnings up to 3-10%. Do your regular reviews and then tell your audience that you like product X the most. Tell them the reasons and give them an ‘action button’ to buy or check it out. That will help.

NB: This strategy helped me a lot in many of my Amazon Affiliate websites.


I know most of you are not fans of paid advertising so I will try to keep it as simple as possible. If you are interested to know more about retargeting, let me know in the comments and I will do individual posts about it.

Basically, if you setup a Facebook Pixel for each of your websites (you need a business account to setup multiple pixels), you can target your visitors on Facebook.

Have you ever thought why do you always see a website’s ad on your Facebook newsfeed right after you visited that website? Yeah, that’s because of retargeting.

You can target traffic who visited your website even 90 days ago and show them your ads on Facebook. They already know your website. The conversion is easy.

Let’s use an example. Suppose, you are doing affiliate marketing for a high ticket Clickbank or JVZoo item. You have setup a website where you review that product and you also put your affiliate links there. Now, a big portion of people who visit that website will not convert. Should you lose them? Well, if you have a funnel setup, you probably got some of their emails but there are a lot of them who didn’t bother to provide their emails either. How to reach them?

Simply use retargeting. Create an Ad and tell them that “hey, you were interested in this product, did you buy it yet?” Ask them questions and try to help. You will easily be able to get more commissions.

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Create Communities

You should always try to create communities around your website. Yes, if you are too small then it will take time but hey, why think about that, right?

Suppose you run a health related website. Ask your visitors to join your Facebook Group or Subreddit or both. Give them some kind of a gift for doing that. It can be a special eBook or it can be a private interview session too depending on your niche. It is a lot easier to recommend to a community than recommending products to random visitors of your website.

Email Marketing

This is marketing 101. You should always try to get your visitor’s email address. These email addresses can be used to send them special offers from your affiliate platform and you can also use these email addresses to send them christmas offers, new review information and what not.

If you are in a good niche, you can also collaborate with other marketers and offer their products or services to your email list. This will give you a good chunk of extra money from your existing website.


This is a very popular marketing strategy on YouTube. Why don’t you bring it in your affiliate world? What are the steps?

Step 1: Create a list of affiliate marketers who are promoting products on the same niche as you are

Step 2: Contact them. Ask them whether they are interested in doing a collaboration with you. It can be a joint product review, it can be a guest post exchange, it can also be a few shout outs from each other’s platform. If you have a strong authority site and if you have already used advanced marketing methods like podcast or interviews, simply invite other marketers of the same industry and take their interviews.

If this sounds tough then take a written interview and post it as a blog post on your website. Everyone loves free press. They get a backlink from you for free and you get a few shoutouts and a backlink in return. It is a win-win situation.

Target Specific Days

We just had an Amazon Prime Day (3 days) where Amazon offered products at a very cheap cost. The same happens with Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Take as much opportunity as possible. On these specific days, people search with day specific keywords. For example, they will search for best games to buy on Cyber Monday. If you have a website where you review video games, you now know what to target.

Go over to your keyword tool and look at last year’s data. That will give you an idea of what keywords to target. Do not wait for the days. Create the pages/posts and let them index on Google as it takes time.

That will be all for today. I feel like I have missed one-two strategies that I had plans to write about. What did I miss? Any ideas? Let me know in the comments.

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  • omar manik
    Jul 24, 2017

    nice article. it is very helpful and easy to learn affiliate marketing.

  • Sayem
    Jul 24, 2017

    Hello Khalid,
    Your idea of connecting people is really fantastic. It’s natural that any community can give you more information and addresses. More people can then know me and my websites. So, this is a really nice idea.

    Thank you

  • tousik
    Nov 4, 2017

    very helpful, & informative article, thank you khalid farhan vai.


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