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The Ultimate Guide to Write Product Reviews!

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What is the single most important thing for your website? Surprise! It is content!

Why do you visit Passive Journal? To see myself with a tiger? Probably! But most people visit this site to read content! Similarly, 100% of traffic around Internet visit different websites for content. Great design, flashy color and music might help but at the end of the day, if the content of your website is not good enough, nobody is going to come again!

This article, however, focuses more on product reviews! If you run a website which earns from methods like affiliate marketing, product review is crucial for you. Product reviews pretty much decide whether you will get a sale or not. The product reviews will always have to be organic, engaging and technical at the same time. A content on your money website is more like painting art! You can throw all colors at once and expect something amazing to happen.

Or you can take your time, pick proper colors and ensure that you are making something amazing.

We will try to learn the second method here in this article!product reviews

The Ultimate Guide to Write Product Reviews!

Before we start getting into the step by step guide, it is important that you understand the mindset of your readers first. If you have a website about insulin and diabetes, your readers do not expect you to be funny (Am I being a stereotype?). On the other hand, if you run a fun hair style related website or something related to kitchen, why not? Try to be funny and experiment with your words.

At the end of the day, your task is to make sure that people get value from the content they are reading and that is it. Period! You don’t ask more, you shouldn’t go less!

How to do that?

There are several “must know” items that you should keep in mind.

Plan Your Content

For the content service that we provide, we hire a lot of writers. This is the first thing that we tell them. Always plan your content before you start writing anything.

How to plan your content?

I go old school and take a pen & paper to list the points that I want to talk about inside the article. You do not have to do that if you don’t want to but have a clear idea on what you want to write and what’s the target of your content.

Targets can be:

  • Sending people to Amazon to get product sales commission
  • Keeping people on website to reduce bounce rate
  • Social Shares
  • Getting subscriptions & many more!

If you don’t have a clear planning and target, you will lose focus and try to do everything in an article which will result in nothing.


Undoubtedly, the most important part of the whole process of publishing a piece of content is research. If research goes wrong, you can never make things right no matter how awesome the images are or the grammar is in your article. If you are writing product reviews, you have to keep certain things into consideration.

  • Make sure that you are not pushing people into buying something that is bad in terms of quality for commission
  • Don’t lie in your review
  • Don’t go abstract! Try to be specific about the product throughout the article
  • Never try to increase word count with garbage. Try to put real info and when you are done, you are done! You don’t have to make each post a certain length in terms of word count.
  • Don’t copy another review of that same product. Take direct information from the sales page of that product. 3rd party information can be costly at times.

If you are writing for your Amazon Affiliate Website, you might also want to check 16 Reasons Why Amazon can Ban you!

Different Sections

Always divide your article into different sections. The more sections you have, the better! You do not have to play by the rules following a fixed format! You can create your own sections. When I say following a fixed format, I mean this format that most marketers follow these days:

  • Introduction
  • Features
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

Where there is nothing wrong in this format yet, you should try to tweak it to see what gets the lowest bounce rate and highest conversions. Most visitors will be bored and leave your website immediately if they see the same format of review that they have been seeing all over. Obviously, if you are the first result on Google then you might not have to worry about this problem but it is still an issue to think about.

You are an Expert

Never forget that when you are writing a review article, you are the expert of that product. You have to have enough knowledge to call yourself the expert before you go ahead and write that review. Be strong and confident. Recommend people different products and be specific on why they should not buy some units too!

Often people neglect the importance of cons or the negative part of the review page. Most customers read that first and decide whether the product is good enough to go for or not. Make sure that you always have a section for the negatives!

Readability is Shit!

Well, the title is a bit misleading because readability is not actually shit! What I wanted to tell is that you should never depend on readability features such as Yoast readability!

These tools are robotic and all they care for is less than 20-word lines, active voice and short paragraphs. What these tools cannot understand is that it is more important to have life in your content rather than a good copy score or less than 300-word paragraph.

So in short, ignore the readability! Use your own sense to judge an article. That is the best method to go for.

Keep Things Fun

If you are reading this article till now, there can be two reasons (actually 3).

  • You love me or Passive Journal (finger’s crossed)
  • You really wanted to know about this topic
  • The content is interesting and you didn’t feel like you are reading something huge (You are already done with 1020 words)

The whole idea is to keep things fun and entertaining. People are not going to read your review unless you can hook them. And boring people with words after words will not make things happen. Always remember that there are lots of alternatives for your readers to go to. All it takes is one click to the back button and you will lose potential money!

Write every word keeping that in mind.

Be Independent

This is important.

Always keep in mind that you are not a salesperson of the company or the product that you are reviewing. You are an independent, smart guy who just happens to know a lot about that product category. Your words should reflect that.

Most people click that back button because the immediately understand you are being biased towards the product. Anyway people think that most information on internet is wrong! Let’s not try to prove their points.

Call to Action

I will soon write a complete article about call to actions. I am still testing to collect data! Call to action is very important as this is often the ‘money making click’ for you from the traffic.

First thing to remember is that you should never do it loudly. Let me give you a real example. I linked to two other articles of this blog in this very content. One was a complete Amazon Affiliate Marketing guide and another was 16 reasons why Amazon Might Ban your account, right?

How many of you clicked on any of those links? (If you already read those articles before then you are not allowed to play this game).

Was I loud about the links? Did I give you a button to click and know more? NO! I did not.

I was being gentle and I know that If you need it, you will eventually read it.

Try that on your money sites. You will see better results.


One big myth in the IM community is that you will have to have flashy buttons on your website to make people click. That is not always true.

Another is that people click on images to go to other websites. People do not actually click on images that much. There is no real data to prove this. I have personally tested it on my websites. You do not have to make your images linkable. You might, but that is not a hard and fast rule.

Now that we know about things that you should remember before and while you are writing, it is time to start!

Start writing your reviews. If you have a writer or a team of writers, you might share this article with them.

Always remember that if you provide value, your traffic will bring you the cake. That’s how it is. It might take time, but it will happen surely.

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  • Tahsin Ove
    Jan 14, 2017

    Passive Journal is really an informative website.

  • saifuzzal
    Jan 14, 2017

    Very nice explanation !!!
    Thanks Khalid Farhan bro…

  • Andrej
    Jan 16, 2017

    Thank you for this great guide, it is really helpful for me. And I have a question: Is it fine to link my blog article image to my Amazon affiliate link? Like you can see it on this website: 10beasts.com/best-self-balancing-scooters – this guy also has a “View on Amazon” text on his images. Can I do the same? Isn’t this against the Amazon rules?

    • passivejournal
      Jan 16, 2017

      It is fine. you can do “View on Amazon too”. These are not violations. Thanks

      • Andrej
        Jan 17, 2017

        OK, thank you for your reply.

  • Herry Hermawan
    Mar 4, 2017

    nice article, can you share example about content review product template..thanks


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