Sep 22, 2017

Hello From Dublin: Trying to Catch Up

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If you are a regular reader of Passive Journal, you already knew that I got admission to Trinity Business School last year in December. I talked about this in our 2016 year review. In case if you didn’t know, I applied for Trinity College Dublin’s MSC in Digital Marketing program last December. I was approved and the program is about to start now. I am already done with my orientation and classes are going to take place from 25th Sept.

Anyway, if you are wondering, why am I talking about me so much suddenly without any hint of a Passive Income stream, that’s because I need to. I kind of touched upon the topic of not posting much lately in my last article. It is time to make it even more clear. We have to go back to our hustle mood once again and I think, this blog post is the ideal start. I am writing this more for me than for you all (not true).

If you live in a country like Bangladesh, you have to go through a lot of difficulties that you do not have to face from EU or from North America. It all starts from the visa application process. We don’t even have an Irish embassy in Bangladesh so everything had to be done from New Delhi, India. Now obviously, you can’t go to the embassy yourself because you will have to drop your passport for the visa stamp and it takes 6 weeks for a study visa. As much as I love india, 6 weeks in India would have been too much. So I didn’t. I took help from DHL.

After 3 long months, I got my visa in late August and I came to Ireland on 9th of September. I got settled in a place called Bray. It is a 40 minute ride from my university but the beach is within 10 minutes of walking distance. That’s nice. Here’s a photo of how my days are being like:

dublin bangladeshi student

And here’s where I am studying:

trinity college dublin

Pretty cool, right?

Alright, enough about self-obsession. Let’s talk business.

The first week was all about jet lags. The flight was around 15.5 hours from Bangladesh to Dublin with 2.5 hours in Qatar transit. It was exhausting. I didn’t know that the jet lag will actually hit me. I understood that it is serious when I started sleeping within 10 pm and started waking up at 7am in the morning. The hour difference with Bangladesh is of 5 hours and my body took a week to understand the difference.

I couldn’t work in the first week.

The way Passive Journal works is that everything goes via me. Even if you are getting an email response from our service email or a Facebook message response with the delivery of your orders, I get notified before the submission and I try to have a look at everything before we deliver. That process got hampered a lot and we are almost a week behind now with every response.

Some of you had to face this with email or with our Facebook page support. Sorry about that. Things are getting into the groove very quickly and we are hoping to get things sorted out within next week.

Also, I haven’t been into studying for a year now. I finished my undergrad back in November, 2016 but the last three months were internships so I actually stopped studying within mid 2016. I guess, I will have to go back to studying once again. Don’t know whether I will enjoy the process. The MSC is on a topic that I love, hopefully that will help too.

Dublin is considered as the silicon valley of Europe. I don’t know about the true reason. Some say it is because the tax is lower in here but almost all big Tech companies have their offices in Ireland which is great. The SEO & Digital Marketing ecosystem seems to be up-to-date too. In Bangladesh, when I said that I do SEO, nobody apart from the IM community knew what that means.

It seems like people understand digital marketing in Ireland. Or maybe they are being nice to a foreigner, who knows.

In this short 15 days, I have already attended two SEO meetings with two different companies for the local SEO & digital marketing part of Passive Journal. I don’t have a news yet to share but as soon as I have one, you all will know. Things are looking positive.

That is pretty much it. I wanted to write this post to formally let you all know where I am now. Passive Journal has always been a blog where I write about not only business and our work stuff but also personal stories. Thus, this was important for me to share with all of you.

If you are interested in studying in Ireland as a Bangladeshi student, I highly recommend that you dig deep. Though I am new, the city seems fun. The classes are packed with people from all over the world. A pure global experience for sure.

And if you live in Ireland & if you want to do a SEO discussion about your company/your next project, feel free to send me an email. We will have a chat.

Have a good day everyone. Tá lá maith agat (in Irish).

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  • Fahad Zitu
    Sep 22, 2017

    good luck and pics are pretty cool

  • Ali akter (SAjal)
    Sep 22, 2017

    thanks for sharing ur experience with us.And we always like to see ur posts,personal stories in the blog.stay god and wish ur great success

  • Ashaduzaman Rohan
    Sep 23, 2017

    Love u so much khaled vai. Take care and prey for us.

  • Musa
    Sep 23, 2017

    Hello, Khalid
    Hope you will have a great experience with fun while staying all the time in Dublin and keep watching your people (both your staff and us!).I believe, we will know many things from your sharing. Take care.

    • passivejournal
      Sep 23, 2017

      Sure 🙂 Thanks & take care too.

  • monoyer chowdhury
    Sep 25, 2017

    Thanks for share Dublin experience with us. Enjoy your journey.

  • Rokibul
    Sep 26, 2017

    thanks for sharing ur experience with us . take care too 🙂

  • Manirujjaman Sagor
    Sep 27, 2017

    thank you, sharing your awesome experience.

  • tousik
    Oct 10, 2017

    thanks a lot, farhan vi, & thanks again

  • arifin chowdhuy
    Nov 24, 2017

    u r inspiring my journey towards ecommerce and seo .. im a starter lived few years for my mba in uk and returned back in bd .. and found that everything is a little challenging in bd and its getting harder day by day .. i needed an inspiration like you.
    take care and cheers vhai.


    • passivejournal
      Nov 29, 2017

      Never complain 🙂 Keep on working hard. Everything will fall into place.


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