Complete White Hat Blogger Outreach Service

$30/Month to Start (then billed based on acquired backlinks) 

Step 1: Onboarding

Once you register for the service, you will be taken to our dashboard where a SEO manager will be assigned to the project. The SEO manager will analyse your site & will prepare an action strategy for you. At this stage, we also ask you how many backlinks you might be looking for. 

Step 2: Prospecting

We start our prospecting at Step 2. This is when we start finding quality blogs for the actual outreach. We use a hell ton of strategies at this stage to find quality prospects. Some might be in your niche, some might have cross-niche* features. 

Step 3: Outreach Campaign

Once we are done prospecting and cleaning the list, it is time to do the actual outreach. We do up to 3 outreach campaigns/month for every client. Each campaign has a different goal & strategy. Example: One campaign might target guest posts where another might target resource page links. 

Step 4: It's a Match & Follow Ups

Step 4 involves following up on prospects who did and didn't reply. We use advanced tracking to make sure that we don't lose a quality prospect. Also, this is when we actually start placing your link to these sites. 

Step 5: Billing You

Whenever we get a positive match, we come back to you, show you the site & discuss the title of guest post. Once that is finalized, we bill you $30 for the Backlink (includes the cost of guest post) and get the article published.  

What is a cross-niche?

What outreach strategies do you use to get backlinks? 

How many emails do you send/month? 

What happens if I don't get any backlink? 

Who writes content for the guest post? 

Can I cancel anytime?

Why do you charge $30/month when I am also paying for each link? 

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$30/Month to Start (then billed based on acquired backlinks) 

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