Blogger Outreach Service

$99/Month for 3-10 White Hat Links

Step 1: Onboarding

Once you register for the service, you will be taken to our dashboard where a SEO manager will be assigned to the project. The SEO manager will analyse your site & will prepare an action strategy for you. 

Step 2: Prospecting

We start our prospecting at Step 2. This is when we start finding quality blogs for the actual outreach. We use a hell ton of strategies at this stage to find quality prospects. Some might be in your niche, some might have cross-niche* features. 

Step 3: Outreach Campaign

Once we are done prospecting and cleaning the list, it is time to do the actual outreach. We do 3 outreach campaigns/month for every client. Each campaign has a different goal & strategy. Example: One campaign might target guest posts where another might target resource page links. 

Step 4: It's a Match & Follow Ups

Step 4 involves following up on prospects who did and didn't reply. We use advanced tracking to make sure that we don't lose a quality prospect. Also, this is when we actually start placing your link to these sites. 

Step 5: Outreach continues

Once we successfully complete one campaign, we move to the next one. The process continues and we keep on getting quality backlinks for your site till you are ranked #1 for all your keywords. 

What is a cross-niche?

What outreach strategies do you use to get backlinks? 

How many emails do you send/month? 

What happens if I don't get any backlink? 

Who writes content for the guest post? 

Can I cancel anytime?

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$99/Month for 3-10 White Hat Links

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