Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Dummies!

Want to Learn The ART of amazon affiliate marketing? I did it the hard way but Hey, I got you covered with a 10,000 word, 72 Page Masterpiece.

This isn't a typical eBook created to get you on my email list. I made sure that I include as much information as I can in this to help you succeed with Amazon Affiliate Marketing. I don't think there's anything left to know after you successfully finish reading this guide. 

A Bit About Me

I have been in Internet Marketing for more than 7 years now.

I have seen successes and my fair share of failures. I sold websites worth of $100,000 under 24 months only with Amazon Affiliate Marketing & I combined all my knowledge in this book. 

Currently, I live in Dublin, kind of a digital nomad (though I hate traveling). Now I work with companies from all around the world to help them solve their digital marketing issues. 

khalid farhan

Let's track back to the year 2011. I was a simple freelancer back then. I used to write articles for a dime. I was in college, not broke, but certainly, not rich either. 

Things were going pretty well. I was in Bangladesh back at that time. Exploring the power of internet. Years went by and suddenly (I really don't remember how), I landed upon on a 'method' called affiliate marketing, to be specific 'Amazon Affiliate Marketing'. 

I started building websites and failed measurably. That was alright because I knew it works. 

I kept on trying and finally, I was able to sell my first site successfully for $12,000. 

That was the first and I never had to look back. 

Today, I own a company with three branches, a few passive income streams and IM blogs like this one to help you do the same as I did back in the days. 

Here's What You Will Get To Read In This Book

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    Who I am & What's Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • check
    How Much Can You Earn
  • check
    Niche vs Authority
  • check
    Getting Payment, Setting Up Payment Methods
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    What's a Keyword
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    Keyword Research Blueprint
  • check
    Sourcing Content
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    Guide To Hire a Content Writer
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    Buying Your Domain, Hosting & Setting Up Site
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    Creating Affiliate Account & Links
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    On Page SEO
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    Off Page SEO (9 Strategies to Succeed)
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    Exit Strategies 

The list goes on and on. The idea was to include everything possible to successfully help you create an Amazon Affiliate Website that makes money with the help of this book. 

I have done it. Now it is your turn! 

The eBook costs $9.99 & if you think after purchasing that the book doesn't have enough value, I would be more than happy to offer you a full refund. That's my guarantee. 

You will not regret buying this book.