Jul 5, 2017

Amazon Associate Link Builder Plugin: Should You Use It?

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If you are into Amazon Affiliate Marketing, you know that inserting links to affiliate posts have always been a pain for all of us. Most marketers use VAs to do it for them but then again, it is risky. One wrong link can potentially cause you a lot of money. We don’t want that to happen either.

There was a problem here and a few companies like Easy Azon tried their best to solve the problem with their plugins. It seems Amazon didn’t like that. Amazon then launched their own plugin which has an interesting link management system for your website. It is easier than those plugins and at the time when I am writing this article, Amazon has also introduced their one click link localizing system.

That’s it. Those old Amazon Link Management plugins are going to go out of business for sure.

I have used the new plugin for a week & it is time that I tell you everything that you need to know about Amazon Associate Link Builder Plugin.

Fortunately, there’s not much to know (makes my task easy).

Simply visit here to download the plugin. Alternatively, you can do your search from Appearance>Plugins to find it. Once you download and activate the plugin, you will see this on top of every page and posts:

associate link builder

Before you do anything, make sure that you are going to the settings and inserting the API (Access key & Secret Access Key) to the plugin. That is how this plugin links to your associate account. In case if you don’t know how to get that API key, you will have to go to your Associate Dashboard and then select Tools > Product Advertising API.

This will take you to another page. Click on manage your account from the resource section.

manage your associate account

It will take you to another page. Click on AWS Security Credentials and you will have the option to create a new Access Key from the security credential page.

Create a new one and copy-page the Access Key and Secret Access Key to the plugin settings. Save and go for a refresh. You will now see your associate ID.

Then simply choose the associate ID and you are done.

The thing that I liked most about their plugin is the simplicity. It is super simple to use. Suppose, you are writing an article about a specific mountain bike. You now have options to include 4 different types of links to the article. To get any link, you will have to type your keyword in that box and click on search. You will immediately find all the link types on a pop-up. The types are:

Price Link Template

This is the simplest one where we get the regular text-based links for our products. So suppose, you want to simply write that if someone wants to see more, they can go to “link”. The link will be highlighted with the actual link.

[thrive_leads id=’1078′]

Product Ad Templateproduct ad template

The next one is the product ad template (my personal favorite). I am now using this template on all of my big sites. Though the conversion rate hasn’t improved significantly, it is easier and you are putting less weight on your website’s page as the image is on Amazon’s server.

Obviously, there is something negative about this one too. It tells the price of the product right away to the interested traffic. I try not to mention price in my affiliate posts because I personally think that this is a big reason that why people go to Amazon from an affiliate site in the first place. When you show them the latest price with the image right on your page, they might not give you that Affiliate cookie.


Product Grid Templateproduct grid template

Grid template will allow you to showcase 4 or 6 products in 2-3 lines. Obviously, they will also come with price and image so if you do not want to show price, this one is not for you. I am still testing the grid template. It looks great on the web page which is more important to me than anything else.

Inserting links are all the same. When you decide your product/s, simply click on add shortcode and you will get a shortcode. Add it to wherever you want in the page & the images+links will start being shown.


Product Carousel Template

Carousel is a lot like grid but you now have the option to click on the arrows to see more products. I am sure you know what I am talking about here. I personally am not in love with this type. I don’t really want my traffic to have those many options on the same page. I want them to go to Amazon when it comes to exploring. Remember, if we as affiliates cannot send them to Amazon, we don’t get commissions, right?

That’s pretty much all I wanted to tell you in this article. Most of my IM friends have already started using this plugin. I personally haven’t managed to change all the links of all my sites as of now. The team is working.

Let me know whether you will move to the new plugin or not in the comments.

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Comments (4)

  • Sharif Uddin Ahmed
    Jul 12, 2017

    Thank you very much for the useful article, I think Amazon Associate Link Builder Plugin is useful. Product Grid Template is also useful, as it clarifies the price of the product. they don`t have to move around for the price, it might help conversion I believe.

  • Sunil K
    Aug 5, 2017


    This plugin is amazing. Ever since it is launched, we are using it. The main feature of this plugin is templates, you can create as many and can design as per your website’s layout. Have a look here bestofme.in/tips-from-money-saving-experts/ after using this plugin, our conversion rate is increased as well click rate. I must say, great plugin. I don’t know why other developer/bloggers didn’t like it as I have seen lot of negative reviews on wordpress plugin page.

  • Fred
    Oct 2, 2017

    Hello, I’m planning to move to the new Amazon associates link plugin. I have similar issues like the ones you addressed on price showing on the product ad template. You have now used it for a while, can you tell me if your conversion rate went up, went down, or stayed the same?

  • Himu
    Nov 18, 2017

    Hi, I have a question. Does Amazon Associate Link Builder Plugin work with one link for localization?


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