Dec 7, 2017

2017: A Year in Review – New Journey Ahead

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It is that time of the year.

Remember the time when I posted my 2016 year review? Were you a reader of Passive Journal back then? Probably not. Anyway, I am super excited, probably a lot more than this time last year. There are reasons. We will talk about everything in today’s year review. Let’s begin.

First things first. Here’s the big announcement. I officially no longer work as an active CEO for Passive Journal. Wait! Before you go WOW, let me explain. I still own the majority share and we took in a new CEO along with a great team of support to help you better. At the same time, as I have moved to Ireland and as I am doing a lot of stuff here (you will soon start getting updates), I thought it would be the best decision to get a new CEO.

I still will be the spokesperson for the company and obviously, I will be writing about my journey and updates to share with you. Those of you who have ordered our services before and in recent past, I am sure you have experienced the transition. It is smooth now and you can again happily start ordering our services (shameless promotions).

2017: A Year in Review

Let’s talk about 2017. It has been a crazy year. A lot has happened and I will not be going through a month by month description as it might be too long. Let’s talk about the important stuff happened this year.

Moving To Ireland

Is doing MS in Digital marketing when you pretty much know a lot about digital marketing a good idea? Well, it depends. I got to meet amazing minds, have been to Google’s office and attended some of their events and I have also worked with Facebook. So yes, it is a fruitful journey. Coming from Bangladesh, any EU country is heaver for me. Dublin is just a cold heaven, that’s it. If you think about hell being hot, this also makes sense, doesn’t it?

I am enjoying my life here. A bit sad as I am used to living with my mom. But hey, if things go right, she will also be here soon. Probably I will talk more about that in our 2018 update next year.

New Services Launched

Passive Journal is pretty new as a company. It has only been a year and half for us and we have pivoted quite a bit in the meantime. I don’t really see this blog as a service selling platform. I see it as my personal blog where we also sell a few services. We changed our directions quite a few times in 2017 and it seems like we now have three solid services that we are proud of. I can see many internet marketers trying our Niche Site SEO service which is the latest of the lot. Good stuff.

I Hate Wine



I realized something since coming to Ireland. I hate the taste of wine. I tried it a few times, tastes like medicine to me. So when all my friends are getting drunk after a heavy semester, I am drinking Pinacolada (or whatever that is called) or a Swedish cider. Wine is a very cultural thing. Back in Bangladesh, we never had wines and I think I developed a resistance towards it. Did you have the same experience when you tried wine for the first time? I remember I drank the full glass of white wine on our Trinity orientation and I was feeling sick the whole day after that. Wine is not for me.

Getting Into Local SEO

I built my last ‘affiliate website’ in 2017 but even that was for a course I created for our Bangladeshi community. Don’t get me wrong, affiliate is still a very interesting model and Passive Journal works with a lot of affiliate portfolio clients even today, however, I have moved a bit to the local SEO & digital marketing industry as a whole. I have worked with interesting clients in 2017, be it a plumber, photographer or a wedding planner and I enjoyed the process. Local SEO is a hell lot easier than affiliate SEO & hey, we all like recurring income, don’t we?

Being a Marketing Guy

Let me tell you that cliche line once again. Finding your passion is very very important and it is never ‘making money’. Trust me, it is not. When I started internet marketing, it was all about making money. I enjoyed making money writing articles as a freelancer but writing articles was never my passion.

I think I now finally know what my passion is. It is getting into the nitty gritty dirty world of digital marketing and helping businesses to get those extra sales. That gives me high. I have literally worked with startups here in Ireland for no money which I would never have done in an affiliate game or for a content client.

What’s your passion?

Answer: writing content

Would you do it for free for someone?

Answer: No, never.

Therefore, it is not your passion. It is just a way of making money and you are fooling yourself telling that it is a passion. 

I applied the same question-answers in my scenario and found that I would love to work with startups and businesses that want to grow in digital space. I like it. Does it make as much money as an affiliate site would generate for me? Probably not but hey, I like it (for the hundredth time).

That’s pretty much all I wanted to talk about today in this 2017 update. It is a short article but trust me, a lot has happened this year. The events were not individually big enough but the end results were super satisfying.

When I am writing this article, I am in a place called Bray. It is super cold but the beach is brilliant. I live in a small home here with a dog (Judy) and two cats. I am not living a fancy life, I don’t really care about living a posh life or having a car. I am enjoying what I am doing and I want to keep on hustling.

See you with another year review in 2018.

Cheers & Grand (As they say in Ireland)


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