how to buy sell niche sites

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It feels great to see that a lot of people are buying and selling niche sites. It is great for the economy because as you exchange sites more and more, the industry grows. Anyway, in this article, i am going to talk about the important points that you should keep in mind when you are buying or selling niche sites. This is more of a site transfer guide but i will talk about some other basics too which will keep both parties safe as buyers and as sellers.

So, let’s address the basic question first before moving ahead.

how to buy sell niche sites

Should i Sell My Niche Site?

It varies from person to person. Some people do not sell their sites and try to leverage on the monthly income. There are other people (like me) who try to sell their sites as soon as the sites start making money. It depends on you at the end of the day as there is no fixed rule. If you are someone who loves working on a specific niche then there is no need to sell that. If you have something big in mind and if you want to gather investments for that, selling might be a good idea.

I always sell my sites as soon as i can because i like building new sites. Almost all of my niche sites are sold when they reached $200-$300 per month. I only have a few ones that i don’t sell which helps me to get that fixed monthly income.

Where Should I Sell My Site?

If you have personal contacts, FB groups and a mail list who are interested in buying niche sites then that is a good place to start on. Ask people around you that whether they are interested to buy a site from you or not. Tell them the details. Here are the details that you must tell and if you are a buyer then you must ask for:

  • Site age
  • Content Word Number
  • Ranking Scenario
  • Monthly Income
  • Competitor Scenario

We will get into more details a bit later. For now, i should tell you that apart from your personal contacts, there are three formal places to sell your websites. They are:


If you have a really small site with little or no profit, you should try Flippa. Yes, there are big sites too that are being sold in Flippa but for the amazon affiliates, the best idea would be to choose other marketplaces if your site is big enough. You should choose Flippa only if your site is making less than $300 per month.

When you list your site on Flippa, always choose the open auction (they charge $19 for that) and wait! You will get lots of orders but do not get deceived seeing the first bids. There are lots of scammers in Flippa and you need to be a great negotiator to make sure that you are getting the right price. Never hesitate to negotiate and bargain to take the price up. It is a marketplace at the end of the day.

Also, make sure that you verify the data of your income and traffic in Flippa. I have seen that the verified websites get a lot more response than the unverified ones.

Flippa is the world’s first website selling platform and you can easily trust them when it comes to transparency.

Empire Flippers

The next one that we will talk about is Empire Flippers. Well, this is another good one by two internet marketers. The best part about Empire Flippers is that they will evaluate your site first and then they will list your site to their marketplace. According to them, 95% of their listings get sold within 1 month which i found true. My website got sold within 2 days when i used Empire Flippers.

The process is a bit different though. When you will register via Empire Flippers and provide them your Amazon id and password, they will check your account to see the income and other details. In general, they offer around 20-25 times your monthly sale so if your site is making around $400 per month, you will get a sale value of around 400 X 25 which is $10000. Again, this varies. They will ask you whether you need a sale urgently or not. In that case, they will reduce the price to 20x to sell your site faster.

There is a $297 listing fee and Empire Flippers will also take 10% of the sale number. So, yes, EF is costly.

FE International

If you are a big boy in the world of Internet Marketing then FE international is for you. FE does not sell websites which earn less than $1000 per month. You can sell your digital businesses too via this platform. I don’t recommend you to go ahead and try selling your website using FE unless you have time and your site is really big. Yes, you will get a better valuation of your site but the process is huge. Go ahead and do that if your site is big enough only.

Important to Know

If you are from a third world country like me, make sure that you get a formal agreement letter from the marketplace whenever you are selling a website. That will save you from a lot of trouble when you will have that money in your local bank. I had to give my bank Skype screenshots to prove that the money that i got was legal. Weird, right?

Now, you know how to sell a website. What about buying one? Do you know how to buy a website? The basic process is standard and you will follow the similar marketplaces to look for a website if you can’t find it on your personal reach. After you found one, the tough work begins. There are a lot of things that you should look for when you are buying a website. In this section, i will try to make that phase simple for you guys.

Buying A Website

Step 1: Check the Income

This is the first step because you will determine the price of the site based on the monthly income. The rule of thumb is to pay around 25 times of the monthly sale if the site is good enough. Now, there is a thing here. At times (like in December), the monthly sale of a website go up. Therefore, the numbers may mislead you. Therefore, always take the average of the last three months’ profit that the site made to calculate the price of the site.

Very Important: Ask the seller to give you a video walkthrough in the Amazon Affiliate Central. Check whether the affiliate id is perfect and the income that he said is right or not. Also, check whether the site made regular income or there is a change or shift there. No screenshots should be allowed as those are easy to manipulate.

Step 2: Check Google Analytics & Webmaster

You can either ask the seller to give you a video walkthrough of both of these or you can also ask him/her to give you managership to these two data centers so that you can check everything on your own. Check the webmaster messages to find out whether the site got any penalty before or not. Also, webmaster will tell you the current ranking situation and the clicks that the site is getting on a daily basis.

Step 3: Check the Site

Don’t worry about the design of the site. You can easily change that with new themes and plugins. What you need to check is the content of the website. Check the quality of the content. Read random articles and try to understand whether the contents are well researched or not. It is very important because content is the key of any affiliate website. If you get a site with poor content, you are only making your life worse.

Step 4: Transfer & Transfer

Now, this is a tough step for any newbies who is new in the field of Cpanel management. It is not tough though but you need to have patience. The two things that you will need from the seller are the MySQL database and the Zip file of the website. Now, after you got these two files, simply go to your Cpanel and upload the MySQL file first. If you are using the popular Cpanel that almost everyone uses, you can do that via backup and restore options.

After you upload the MySQL file, you will have to create an id for this website which can be done via the cpanel too. After these two parts are done, upload the Zipped file of the website creating a new folder in your files manager. At first, you will upload the Zipped file and then you will unzip it from the files manager.

After these processes are done, you need to add the domain to the Cpanel. Now, remember, you haven’t yet transferred the domain from the seller to your account. At first, you will add the domain via Cpanel. Give the DNS settings to the seller and ask him to set the DNS to your Cpanel. After that is done, simply add the domain and make sure that the domain is linked to that new folder that you created a while ago.

After these processes are done, holla! You have successfully transferred the website.

Now the last step is to transfer the domain. In the world of domain, it is called pushing. Ask your seller to push the domain to your account. It takes an hour at max to push a domain.

Step 5: Change the WP Password

You are not done yet. Now it is time to change the WordPress password from the WordPress dashboard. Remember, you need to login to the dashboard, create a new user which will be you and then log out. Now log in from that new user account and delete the old user which was the seller. Make sure that you are not deleting the contents that the old user have uploaded before.

Step 6: Take all the Social Media Accounts

If it is Facebook, you can simply ask the seller to give you admin of the FB page. Then simply remove the seller from the admin. Sounds rude, right?

If it is Pinterest or Instagram, change the email id as soon as you get the old one.

Take the gmail account from which everything is created if possible. And if you are a seller, make sure that you create a different gmail account for each of your new sites. That makes the selling and transferring process easier. 

Step 7: Wait for at Least 12 Hours

Don’t do anything. Simply keep clicking randomly on the website and see what happens. If you have a live support of your hosting account, ask them whether the new website is synced properly or not. If not, take more time. It doesn’t take 12 hours though in most cases.

Step 8: Pay the Seller

In this step, you will pay the seller. Pay him the amount that you agreed on before. Also, make sure that you do an agreement with the seller that the seller cannot disclose the site publicly. This is important for niche sites to avoid competition.

Step 9: Affiliate ID Management

Now you will remove all the affiliate ids that the previous seller had and you will put on your own ids in the site. Take your time and remove every link that the old owner had in the site. It is your site now!

Final Words

Take your time in transferring the whole site. If you are still confused on how to do this, you can take our service too. Simply mail us at and we will try to assist you in transferring and inspecting the site that you are planning to buy or sell.

Best of luck!

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