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Those of you who follow my work know that i was recently featured in Spencer’s Nichepursuits. In my post there, i talked about a special SEO strategy that i use to get .edu links. That is Scholarcall SEO strategy which i will talk about in this post. I received tons of email requests from you guys to talk more about the ScholarCall SEO strategy. I am sorry that it was a late response. I was super busy in working on our services.  I will try to be more active from today, hopefully.

Anyway, let’s not waste anymore time and get straight into the ScholarCall SEO Strategy. It is not going to be a long post, don’t worry!

What is ScholarCall SEO Strategy

This is a simple SEO strategy which will help your website to get awesome .edu links from quality university websites around the world. .Edu links will almost always offer a great boost to your ranking so getting some for a very little cost is pretty interesting. In this Scholarcall SEO Strategy, we simply offer a scholarship to the students and we ask universities to list our scholarship to their scholarship page. We automatically get a backlink in return. Let me describe.

Step By Step Walkthrough

So, you now have a website and you want to get some .edu links. We all know the value of those links and we all know how tough it is to get some. Here’s my step by step walkthrough on how you can get some super awesome .edu backlinks for your website. It will not target your home page but that does not matter, does it?

Step 1: Create a Scholarship Page

The first task is to create a scholarship page in your website. Do not offer something that you cannot provide later on. Offer small things as you are mostly dealing with students. For example, some of my friends who are working on Game Industry offers $50 PlayStation gift cards in terms of scholarship. You can start with $10 if you want. Make sure that the scholarship page is fun and interesting. It should also clearly say the deadline, the requirements and the winning prizes. Make sure that you also have a clear instruction on how to contact/submit the scholarship materials.

When i launched my first Scholarcall SEO page, it asked students to write 500 words on a topic related to my blog. Also, i asked them to share the scholarship page on their Facebook which was mandatory to get a scholarship. I got thousands of shares and i also got quality articles which i used later on my Web 2 sites. That’s a bonus! You don’t have to pay for secondary articles if you have content requirements on your scholarship page. Keep that in mind.

Here’s an example of a Scholarship page:

Step 2: Collect Contacts! 

Now that you have your scholarship page ready, it is time to contact those who can provide us scholarships. Go ahead and do a Google search of: “scholarships” or “scholarship opportunities” and so on. You will get a list of tons of pages that post scholarships on a regular basis.

ScholarSEO Technique

Now simply start clicking from the top and prepare an excel sheet with all the contact details, URLs and website name. So for example, if i click on the first one, i get this:

scholarship page


See, the contact details from the right side? Take that email in your list.

Continue this and collect 100-200 contact details. That is your step 2!

Step 3: Start Mailing! 

Now it is time to mail! Prepare a standard format of your own. Mine was something like:


I appreciate that you offer great scholarship options for your students via this page. I have a scholarship opportunity to offer too which i think your students will love. Here is the link: ………….

Then talk a bit more about your scholarship and how it will help the students. Then thank at the end. It is a simple one. Continue mailing. If you don’t see response then try to be a bit innovative with the emails.

Often you will see curator websites which list scholarships but are not .edu ones. One good example is This is a website that lists youth opportunities. Though it is not a .edu domain but you can email them too as the process is still the same.

There you go. That was Scholarcall SEO technique for you.


You should not try the Scholarcall SEO strategy if you have a new website with minimum content. That looks suspicious and universities will not accept your request. This will not only harm you but will also harm the community of internet marketers. Therefore, i recommend that you only go for this strategy if you have at least 30-40,000 words on your website with a good enough design.

Also, when you are trying to contact the scholarship providers, use a formal language. Understand that you are not contacting a fellow marketer for a backlink. You are contacting an education authority.

Lastly, make sure that you send the scholarships as soon as possible. This creates a positive image of your website to the community of students. Ask the student to share the joy with his or her community. A good idea is offering a new scholarship on the same day when you announce the winners. That way, the winners will automatically share the new details with their community. Students these days have their own Facebook groups and those are pretty big ones. Without even noticing, you will see your social profile go sky high.

Also, after you are done with everything, make sure that you send a thank you email to the winner’s scholarship page contact saying that the result is published and the name of the winner. This will help you to get the next scholarship up within literally weeks as you will build a repo with that university.

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