Resources I Recommend

I have been doing Internet Marketing for a long time now! I have seen way too many products in this time frame. Some have been awesome, some were terrible and some were decent. This resource page is all about the products & services that i have encountered in my life. This is not a complete review page as i will not be reviewing the individual products or services in details! You don't need that either, i believe. 

Also, don't blindly trust what i say! Do your own research too if you feel like though i am pretty confident about the services or products that i will talk about here! Most might be affiliate links but you can be sure that i will not review or talk about a product/service here that i personally didn't use! 

Recommended Products & Services


This blog, the PassiveJournal is hosted on Namecheap and the domain is also taken from the same company. That tells you about my trust on them. I love their customer support especially. The live chat is a life savior. Did i ever face problems with NameCheap? I did! I own more than 200 domains with them and a few interesting hosting deals too so yeah, problems arise once in a while but their brilliant support team takes care of everything which i love! 

My Theme Shop

Most of you might use other platforms to buy WordPress themes but for me, it is My Theme Shop. Almost all of my biggest earners were and are from websites that have their theme. I consider MyThemeShop as the best in this theme industry. They offer a huge collection of free themes too which are as good as their paid options. ​


If you own an affiliate website then you must know the importance of a good quality comparison plugin and that is exactly what WP ComPEAR is. This plugin is super light and very easy to use which i love. There is a drag and drop feature which might generate your interest though i always use the manual style. This plugin will increase your sales up to 20-30% if you can use it right. ​


If you are living in North America, you don't need this one. Payoneer is for those countries where either you do not have access to PayPal or if you want to use an International Master Card that is cheap and works all around the globe. You get $25 free when you first receive the card. There's no joining/registration fee. You get the card via email. Pretty cool!


If you are already using tools like Aherfs then you probably do not need this. SerpBook is a keyword tracking software. The main reason why I love this one is because it is cheap. Monthly cost is around $11 for up to 50 domains which is dead cheap. They update multiple times a day and it also shows data like keyword search volume and all which is good enough.