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I have been into affiliate marketing for a very short time! For those who know me will know that i was never into niche site industry. I was a freelancer and i was happy with my life. Then i came into affiliate marketing and everything changed. I built Passive Journal and currently, Passive Journal is growing at a great pace which is awesome.

Anyway, i have finally decided….

It is time to go for a Passive Project. And I am not going to target only Amazon Associate Program for this website. I am going to target Amazon Associate & Google Adsense.

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Alright, so it is time for another update and i don’t have any happy news for you unfortunately. The faults are clearly mine because i didn’t really get time to focus on this site. If you are on my subscriber’s list (If you are not, you should join immediately), you know that i have been whining about my internship a lot and how it killed my time. The good news is that my internship is finally over and now i have all the time in world to work on this Passive Project.

In this article, we will also finalize a new strategy as our initial plan got messed up! I want to tell you guys that this is normal and this is what happens in real life case studies. Life is not always a bed of rose and things like these will keep happening. You just gotta move on! That’s how it works.

Anyway, things really didn’t go that wrong! We just didn’t move fast enough. So our task now is to move like a rocket.

When i wrote Project Update 3, i had 9 articles and 3 pages published in the website. The situation now looks like this:

scenario last month

So now the site has 12 long articles with three pages. The ranking scenario pretty much looks like the same as i told you in Update 3. I didn’t have much improvement there as well. As i didn’t start any SEO yet, i don’t expect much improvement there anyways. Here’s how the ranking scenario looks like now:


So yes, let’s have a look at the summary of works done so far and then we will create a concrete plan for future.

Investment So Far

  •  Domain Bought: 11 October, 2016 for $37 (For Three Years)
  • Hosting Bought: 11 October, 2016 for $10
  • Theme from My Theme Shop: $59
  • WP ComPear: $15
  • Content: $450 (Around 25,000 words)

Income So Far

From Google Adsense: $0.82

I haven’t added my Amazon Affiliate Links to the site yet. That is definitely an agenda to work on December.

So yes, this was the summary. It is time to be serious with this website and start making real money. This is what we will do by the end of December:

  1. Publish 10 Articles
  2. Specify The Money Keywords & List Them
  3. Add Affiliate Links To The Whole Site
  4. Create All Social Media Accounts & Start Posting

I am still hoping to see some money on my Amazon Affiliate Dashboard from this website by January. Let’s see how things go. Don’t forget to tell me your current situation in the comments below. That is really important to me! Till then, Best of Luck and Keep Working Hard!

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