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I have been into affiliate marketing for a very short time! For those who know me will know that i was never into niche site industry. I was a freelancer and i was happy with my life. Then i came into affiliate marketing and everything changed. I built Passive Journal and currently, Passive Journal is growing at a great pace which is awesome.

Anyway, i have finally decided….

It is time to go for a Passive Project. And I am not going to target only Amazon Associate Program for this website. I am going to target Amazon Associate & Google Adsense.

Read the first update here: Passive Project Update 1

Passive Project Update 2passive project

The second update came quick, isn’t it?

So, we were done with our initial keyword research which you already know about if you read the first update of passive project. Now what?

Now it is time that we buy our domain, setup the hosting and build a quality looking authority site. Remember, the site that we are planning to build on this project has to have certain authority and glamor as i plan to sell this site for not less than $100,000 in next 1/2 years (if i ever sell it). So, let’s go!

The Domain

Obviously, as this is an authority site, i will be picking a domain name that can support anything and everything of my niche within the same website. Let me explain. For example, if you are targeting a keyword like “best treadmill”, you can go for your domain in two ways.

The first idea is the old school idea where you pick an EMD (exact match domain) and try to rank your main keyword with the support of your domain name. Now, that is a great strategy and EMDs still work, but there is a problem. You cannot write about best dumbbells in that same website tomorrow if you want to. Just because you chose a domain like, you are now limited to that very small niche only. Now, that small niche might make you $2000 per month which is awesome, but the opportunities get limited.

For this passive project, i will go for an authority style domain that covers anything and everything of my industry.

For my domain, i will definitely go with Namecheap, as Namecheap is the best source of domain and hosting for me for years! Even the domain PassiveJournal and the hosting that this very site is hosted is at Namecheap. So you can understand how much i trust that company.

The domain costs $10 per year but i recommend that you buy the domain at least for 3 years. Though there are controversies, it is assumed that domains that are registered for longer periods tend to rank better in search engine. I don’t want to take any risk with my Passive Project and i will register the domain for three years!

buying premium dns from namecheap

If you are buying your domain from Namecheap, i would recommend that you take that PremiumDNS service which is new! It will ensure you 100% uptime and DDoS protection. As per Namecheap, this is a great option for important domains and i agree! Also, this is going to tell Google that you care for your website which might result into positive ranking!

So there it is, i just bought my domain for the Passive Project for 3 years from Namecheap. Including the Premium DNS, it was $37.

The Hosting

There’s a rumor that shared hostings are never as fast as VPNs! Well, you do not need to listen to those stuffs! If you have read this article:  How to Score 100 on Google Page Speed then you know that we scored 100 in Google Page Speed with Passive Journal and we are hosted at Namecheap (The Shared DNS) Hostings.

Obviously, i am not suggesting that you go for the Namecheap and them only but what i am saying is that you can pick any good hosting and be happy about it as long as you take care of your site from the Dashboard.

For the Passive Project, i will be selecting the first Shared Hosting that Namecheap Offers which costs around $10 first year and then $39.99.

The Site Design

Let’s come to the key portion of this article now! The design of the site. This is crucial and this is probably the most important part of this Passive Project Update 2. I know that all of you already know how to buy domain, setup hosting, install WordPress and what not! But now is the crucial phase! It is time to design our website like it is the best authority site on our industry that anyone has ever seen!

Let’s pick a theme first. Go to My Theme Shop

Obviously you can pick your own themes that you like from anywhere you want but i would recommend that shop as some of my biggest earning sites are built with their themes. Here’s my request: I have seen some of you (my students and people from my community) build sites with cracked or pirated themes. Please do not do that. People work very hard to publish their themes and if you use a pirated theme, you are mocking them.

If you do not want to invest for a theme (which should not be the case), you can always use Free Themes from My Theme Shop. They have tons of free themes and most of them are pretty great!

I am not going to tell you exactly which theme i am picking for this project right now (You will obviously know when i reveal the site) but i can tell you that the theme is from that shop and it is a premium theme with a magazine style design.

After you install your WordPress theme, make sure that your site is speedy. Again, use that link i talked about before and try to score high on Google Page Speed. After you have done that, it is time to create the basic pages:

  • An About Us Page
  • A Contact Page
  • A Disclaimer page or a footer note (I will go for the Footer note)

I am not talking about the basic stuffs like managing a great logo for your website because obviously, you know those stuffs! That’s it for today. The next update will be about the plugins & content hopefully. Tell me your update in the comments. Also, share this post if you want more people to start their Passive Project.

Best of luck

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