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I have been into affiliate marketing for a very short time! For those who know me will know that i was never into niche site industry. I was a freelancer and i was happy with my life. Then i came into affiliate marketing and everything changed. I built Passive Journal and currently, Passive Journal is growing at a great pace which is awesome.passive project

When Passive Journal started to flourish, i stopped making a ton of sites on a per month basis. Previously, i was making around 3 websites a month and was doing SEO before i flip them. Now that i got busy with our services, i don’t get that much time to work on my personal projects. I only have three niche sites now which are making big! Those of you are who are in my email list (you should be in our list to receive interesting deals) know that i am currently doing an internship too as per my bachelor’s requirements which takes away a lot of time.

Anyway, i have finally decided….

It is time to go for a Passive Project. And I am not going to target only Amazon Associate Program for this website. I am going to target Amazon Associate & Google Adsense.

I will be sharing my URL with you once i reach to $500/month. Apart from the URL, you are going to get everything from me in this Passive Project.

I am not a very organized person in my personal life. So, the reason behind starting this Passive Project is personal too. I want to make sure that i constantly work on this new website. Thus, the commitment method helps!

So, today is the first day and i did my basic keyword research today. There will be more keywords that i will target in future. For now, this is what i am targeting.

Passive Project Keyword Research

It is a simple Mac Spreadsheet that i used to be on track. The keywords have mixed formats. Most of them are either best + niche or niche+review format based. I will mix these articles with a set of informative articles and for the informative articles, i will create a separate spreadsheet.

Initially i thought of using a keyword research tool personally like Long Tail Pro or KeywordRevealer to find our about the competitions but later on, i thought i would not. Is that a smart strategy? Well, that depends. I gave the keywords to my VA to just confirm me that all these are below 40 in terms of KD from KeywordRevealer. They are! That is enough for me.

I would also want to tell you guys that this is a tough space that i am getting into. There are tons of opportunities, true but the competition is fierce. If i tell you the name of the industry right now, i am sure you would not want to get into this. For those of you who want to start with me in their journey, i would recommend that you pick an industry that you know about. Even if it is a bit tougher, go for it. Trust me, you will enjoy working with that niche. I have seen people give up too soon only because they start with a lot of enthusiasm but lose all of it within a month. The reason being, they don’t actually like that niche. They go with the greed of working on a low competition niche which doesn’t always seem to work well.

Anyway, we are done with the basic keyword research. It is time to setup a complete plan of action. Do you want to work with me on this same schedule? Make sure that you write these on your calendar. It is going to be a very flexible schedule because i will be working on Passive Project on my personal off times. Hopefully, you guys can go ahead of me if you work professionally. Here’s my basic schedule which we might change later on:

  • October, 2016: Basic Keyword Research, Creating a Logo & Going Live with the Site with 5 Articles; Connecting the Site With Analytics & Webmasters.
  • November 2016: Writing 20 Articles, Creating & Integrating All Social Media Accounts with the site; Adding Affiliate Links & Adsense Ads!
  • December 2016: Adding 20 Articles, Starting SEO Campaigns

That’s it for now. Let’s not go too ahead in terms of planning.

I will try to post two updates each month for you guys. Be connected and let’s see where we can take this.

If you are still reading this article, thank you! Post your thoughts in the comments if you want to. Let’s get to know each other. If you still haven’t subscribed to this blog, you can do so using the form from the right widget box. I will immediately let you know about the next update via email if you are in my newsletters!

Let’s start our Passive Project Rolling!

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