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Off Page SEO!

Something that every blogger talks about but very few understand. SEO has always been a dark topic to talk about. There are an unlimited number of strategies around and nobody knows what works and what does not. Some will tell you to build a million of blog comment backlinks and some other guy will tell you to build links via international donation!

Both strategies give you backlink but what’s effective? Anyway, we are going to cover 13 pure off page seo strategies in this mega article. If you apply the strategies that you learn from this guide, i have no doubt in my mind that your website will rank!

Before you go deep, understand that i am not going to talk about magic tricks. Every strategy that i will address require hard work, patience and some more work! If you are not ready for that, you better go to those grey and blue techniques.

On the other hand, if you are ready to work hard for your website, this is the guide for you!

So, as i set things up with a weird introduction, let’s start the actual article.

off page seo

What is Off Page SEO?

So, SEO can be of two types and this is basic stuffs! There is on page SEO and then there is off page SEO. On Page SEO is what you do in your own webpage to tell Google that your page is optimized. Off Page SEO is a complete different game. In Off Page SEO, you tell Google via 3rd parties (read websites) that your website is important.

Now, those 3rd parties cannot talk so what they do is they link to you. These links from those websites will tell Google that your site must be important. Why would websites mention you in their pages otherwise, right?

Let me demonstrate you the concept with an example! So, Off Page SEO is not the only thing that you need. You also need On Page SEO and for that, i highly recommend you read Brian Dean’s Guide Here.

Now, you saw how i linked Brian Dean’s website Backlinko in that line? This link will tell Google that Backlinko is an important website and that page that i linked is valuable too. Now tomorrow, when someone will search on Google typing “on page seo”, Google will see who has the most backlinks to rank that website on the first page! You get the idea, right?

Note: That guide is actually a good one, make sure you read it!

So, the first question to ask is whether your site is ready for Off Page SEO or not!

Is your Site Ready? 

Here are a few things which you should ensure before doing any off page SEO activity. This is important and i have seen websites fail for these reasons. These are the things that you must think of before doing any link building:


Fill your site up with quality content. As much as you can! No matter what the topic of your website is, if you do not have enough content, you will never be able to build trust among people with the authority of your website. No trust = No Links from quality sources! Always remember that there is no end of content and not every content has to focus on a keyword!

Good Design

Do you have to have an amazing design to attract traffic on your website? The answer is NO! If your website is on the first page of Google, no matter what shitty design you have, you will be attracting visitors. Visitors do not look for great design, they look for information and if they have it, they are happy!

Now, on the other hand, when you are looking for backlinks, you will be contacting with different sources, influentials and websites to receive links from them. Will they provide a backlink for your website if your website looks bad? The chance is very low! So, you gotta have a cool design with images, brand value and multimedia all around your website! Don’t go overboard though. Be simple and be fantastic.

On Page SEO

Refer to that link I gave from Backlinko. That is a pure guide which you will ever need to make your On Page SEO right. Don’t pay anyone to help you fix your on page SEO unless you don’t have enough time. It is not tough to fix your On Page SEO. It only requires patience and time.

One Pro Tip: Do not always depend on Plugins like Yoast SEO. They complex things. Being simple is smart! 

Internal Linking


Did you like this piece of art? What do you think might be the selling price of this art if i were a designer? I think $40 million. Anyway, this ugly design gives you the best idea about internal linking. You see, before you go for off page seo, you have to make sure that your articles in the same website are linked to each other. Obviously, you cannot just randomly link any article with another one. Try to be logical and do it in a natural way.

Try to understand the image. The circles are your articles in website and different colors represent different categories or menu items. See how everything is linked with every other thing? That is how you should do it.

One good strategy is to first post a huge batch of articles in your website. Then take a day off and start interlinking one with another one. That’s how i do it for my big sites. You might have other ideas. No matter how you do it, make sure that you do it.

Get Rid of All Tech Error

If you still have tech errors on your website, it is high time that you fix those. Is your theme mobile friendly? What about the loading speed? Is it good enough? Google has a tool to check your page speed which you can access here.

If you need help with improving your page speed, here is an article that will surely help you: How to Score 100 on Google Page Speed Insight.

If you have errors showing on Webmaster, try to fix those. Make sure that there is no empty pages or 301 errors on your website too. These small things matter when you want to rank for the 1st position with a super tough keyword.

Done with these? It is time to move on!

We will now talk about the off page SEO strategies. I will try to list every good strategies under the planet and i will also give you tips on how to apply these strategies for your benefits. However, you do not really need to apply all these strategies (hopefully) for your website.

Figure the ones which you think will add most value and then go for it all guns! I am sure you will see success.

Off Page SEO Strategies

This section is all about the Off Page SEO Strategies. Again, only apply these strategies once your website is ready! Don’t get excited and overdo SEO as that brings bad result at times. If your website is super new, give it a bit of time and then go for it! My comment box is there if you ever need help!

Before we move to the strategies, we just need to address one point!

White Hat SEO Vs. Black Hat SEOwhite-hat-seo-vs-black-hat-seo

You will see a lot of discussions around about white hat SEO and black hat SEO. It is not really that difficult to figure out. First understand that any kind of link building is seen negatively by Google so everything is basically Black Hat.

But then again, there are some strategies which are clearly Black Hat and then there are some considered as White or Grey Hat.

Example of White Hat SEO: Blog Commenting, Broken Link Building, ScholarCall SEO Strategy.

Example of Black Hat SEO: Private Blog Network, Paying To Get Links on a Site

We will talk about strategies from both hat techniques in this guide. Initially we will focus on the White Hat Techniques and then we will look at Black Hat too.

Enough with the pre-stories. It is time to start the strategies. Let’s go!

1. Blog Comments

You all know about this strategy. You all know how to do blog comments and still, i see people spamming here and there. Remember, not every blog comment will help you rank better. In fact, if you have an intention to spam, you better avoid blog commenting. Blog commenting is one of the most common and traditional off page SEO technique. Let me tell you how you should go about it.

Suppose, i have a website about bicycle. The first thing that i will is a Google search typing “Bicycle Blogs”, “Bicycle Websites” and etc. I know you would now say that there are specific search terms to search on Google to find good options to comment but i will avoid those since those get hits by millions of SEO stupids every single day.

I will keep it manual and look at the search result carefully. Find websites with comment options. Take your time. After you find a potential website, simply read the content of that page before you put on any comment. Again, spamming should never be your intention.

Read the page properly and ask questions. Don’t just write “This was a great blog. Thank you” or “Loved reading it, Thank you”. Every blog owner knows what is a spam and what is a real comment so be original and ask real questions. This will give you an unlimited number of backlinks if you can go right about it.

2. Resource Pages

If you have a good enough site which is an authority on your niche, going for resource pages is not a bad idea at all. There are lots of websites that have dedicated resource pages which link back to other sites on similar niche.

Why not take this opportunity? Obviously, your site will have to have certain qualities to be able to receive links from these resource pages and one of the most important quality is being an authority. Don’t expect to get a link from a good source if your website is shit!

QuickSprout has a detailed video on how to do this. You can check it out here.

3. Get Your Competitor’s Backlinks

Suppose, the main target keyword of my website is Mountain Bikes. I want to rank for this keyword. What i will do is a simple Google Search now. Let’s see the results.

off page seo mountain bike

So, i have my top competitions here. Now i will simply take these 10 links one by one and run them through tools like Aherfs to check their Backlink profile. The idea is very simple. If they got to number 1 with those specific backlinks, i can do the same, na?

Now, it is not possible to get backlinks from exact similar sources like they did. In that case, simply substitute that source with another one which has similar metric (similar DA/PA).

This is a tough strategy to implement but i can assure you that if you can manage to get it right, you won’t have to worry about other off page SEO strategies.

4. Begging

It is important to get backlinks from relevant sources but do you know what is more important? More important is getting backlinks on the first place. If you are not getting even one backlink, there is no freedom to judge whether the backlinks are from relevant or irrelevant sources.

Begging is a good option to go about it though it may sound weird. Blogging is popular and if you are into blogging or internet marketing for a long enough time, you possibly know other people too who are doing the same. Simply reach out to them and ask them for a link. If they are your friends, you will possibly get a few links. If they don’t agree, tell them that you will write an article for their website in exchange for the link. That should do the trick.

5. Web 2.0 Submissions

Web 2.0 are sites like WordPress Blogs, Blogspot Blog, Tumblr and so on where it is free to create an account and write. They can play a huge role when it comes to boosting your rank. I know marketers who kill it with only Web 2.0 and nothing else. But wait! You also do web 2.0s but don’t see results, right?

That’s because you are not paying the attention that Web 2.0s deserve.

Let me tell you how you should create Web 2.0 websites. Let’s take a WordPress blog for example. So again, we have a bicycle related website and we want to do off page SEO for this site. Web 2.0 is our method.

We will create a fresh email address first and then will register for a WordPress blog that is related to our niche. For example,

This is the easy part. Now comes the tough road.

Write at least 3000-4000 words of fresh content for each of your Web 2.0 sites. They should be perfectly optimized unique articles that talk about quality topics. Add images and multimedia to those articles. The whole idea is to care for your web 2.0 just like you do for your original site.

In these 3000-4000 words, link out to all the authority sites which are not your competition. So for example, we can link to a WikiPedia Bicycle Page, a Bicycle Company page and etc.

Then write another 1000 word quality article in that Web 2.0 and take one-two backlinks for your own website from that article.

Now do social sharing for all the articles that you published on that Web 2.0 blog. Share them everywhere.

If you can do all these steps right, you will have amazing backlinks for your main website. Now create another Web 2.0 and follow the same steps again.

6. Video Submissions

This is a simple one to go for. The idea is to get backlinks from video publishing sites around the globe. The most popular ones are:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Dailymotion

And then there are some other ones.

Step 1: Create awesome videos related to your topic. So if your website is about Bicycle, make sure that you create awesome Bicycle related videos. They can be bicycle reviews, riding tips or anything that you think your viewers will find interesting. Again, please don’t compromise with quality.

Step 2: Publish the videos that you created on each of these video sharing sites.

Step 3: Write awesome details for each of your video. So for example, if you are publishing a video on YouTube, make sure that you write at least a 300 word description of your video in the description box of YouTube. At the end of the description, add your website’s link. Detailed description is the key, don’t forget that.

7. PR Submission

Press Release is now seen as one of the most effective and fast method of getting quality backlinks. The best part about PR submission is that your submissions start getting into different news media without you even knowing it.

PR submission is however not always free. Try getting into the top one or two with your Press Release. That will be fine for a huge boost.

Step 1: Write a brilliant PR article

Step 2: Submit that to PR sites like these ones.

8. Document Sharing

This is another basic method of link building. What you will have to do is prepare different type of multimedia & documents related to your website’s topic. So for example, if the site is about bicycle, go for a pdf eBook about bicycle, a power point presentation about riding bicycle and so on.

Now, search for websites that accept docs, pdfs, power points and excel files. Submit those files that you have on your folder and get a link in your profile.

Note: This is a poor way of building links and it might not create much value. But i always believe in mixing things up. These are easy links to get! So why don’t go for ’em, right? 

9. Infographic Submission/Guestographics

Infographic is one of the finest ways of getting backlinks. This method is also known as Guestographics. I wrote an article about Infographic SEO a few days back. i won’t be repeating the information here. I pretty much told everything on how to get backlinks using Infographic. These links have so much value and you will surely get a SERP boost if you can do Guestographic right.

10. Guest Blogging/Email Outreach

Guest blogging is one of the coolest methods to get quality backlinks and to build relations these days. Frankly, the most valuable links that you will receive for your website will always come from guest blogging. What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is when you become a guest and write something on someone’s blog in exchange for a link. The link is really not the primary reason here. You want to reach out to the traffic and people from that website. If you guys follow Passive Journal, you know that a few months back, i wrote a guest post on NichePursuits, Yes, that gave me a backlink for this site but the main idea was to reach out to the traffic of NichePursuits and provide them value.

That’s what you always try to do when you are guest blogging. So, how to go about it?

Step 1: Find your targets

Interestingly, i have seen a lot of bloggers who just can’t figure out how to find blogs to guest post on! This is not that difficult. The first thing you do is a Google search on your topic. So again, search for things like “Bicycle blogs”, “Bicycle Guest Post”, “Bicycle articles” and etc.

You will see millions of search results. Now only focus on the websites which accept guest posts. At first, target the blog type websites and screen out all the other ones.

bicycle article submission

See, i tried only for a minute and already found a cool opportunity. Life is not going to be beautiful for all the niches but keep trying. Again, do it manually and check all the websites yourselves.

Step 2: Collect Contact Info

Going for the regular form that websites have on their contact page should be the last idea for you. Always try to go personally if you can. If you can find the owner’s email address, that is gold! If you can’t find that, you will always find the Facebook Page or the Twitter profile of that blog. Simply knock them there.

Tell them that you are interested about reaching out to their community and you think you will bring value. Prove why and how you will bring value by sharing your website to them. Around 20% (Personal Experience) will agree immediately and another 20% will agree upon negotiation (link exchange or money).

Step 3: Write an Awesome Article & Publish

This is easy. Simply write a great post and publish it on their blog. Try to provide as much value as you can. I can promise you that this one article will bring more opportunities for you in future if you do it right.

11. ScholarCall SEO Strategy

ScholarCall SEO is a fun strategy which made at least 10-12 websites i know to get to the 1st position on Google. How does this strategy work? Again, i have a complete guide on ScholarCall SEO Strategy which you must read. I will also describe it briefly here.

Step 1: You offer an interesting scholarship deal for your website readers

Step 2: You promote your scholarship offer page to all the websites who do scholarship promotions. Also, you knock all the universities out there and get your scholarship page published everywhere.

Step 3: You start receiving super awesome backlinks

Step 4: You pay the scholarship and continue!

I have all the details on that page so i wrote it this way, don’t take it otherwise 🙂

12. Broken Link Building

Broken Link Building is a fine Off Page SEO method of creating backlinks and it is my personal favorite. Most people do not go for Broken Link Building because it is tough and as human beings, we like to talk about being hard working but don’t do it ourselves. Anyway, pay attention. This is tough!

Step 1: Figure out The Keywords 

Life is easy for you. I have listed all the keywords that you will need for Broken Link Building. Here they are:

  • keyword “resources”

  • keyword “suggested sites”

  • keyword “links”

  • keyword  intitle:links

  • keyword  intitle:resources

  • keyword  intitle:recommended sites

Simply replace the word “keyword” with your site’s topic or niche.

Step 2: Find Targets

So for example, if i search typing Amazon Affiliate Marketing “resource” on Google, i get this result.

Affiliate Marketing Google Search


As you can see, i have already clicked on the 1st, 3rd and 4th search result. If i were new, i would have gone for all the 10 links. These three will be my targets for now!

Step 3: Check for Dead Links

Now, I have to check whether these pages have any dead links or not. Dead links are links which do not work anymore or do not offer value anymore. How to do that?

If you are using Google Chrome, simply install Check My Links!

check my links

After you add this up, it is time to check those three pages that we targeted earlier, remember?


broken link building


The Chrome extension is telling us that the 2nd website has 8 broken links on that page. That is a good sign. It is time to check those links manually to see whether we can replace one of those links with our website. Note that the green tells us those are fine links and Black/Red (not visible in that picture) tells us the links are broken.

broken link building

See those black links? Those are gone. Now i will write a beautiful email to Mr. Finch (owner of this blog) and tell him that these links are outdated. Also, i will be giving him my blog’s (Passive Journal’s) link and will ask him if it is possible to add this site to his list or not. What do you think is gonna happen?

Note: I am not going to do it by the way. I have a very strict policy of not doing any link building for Passive Journal! It was just a hypothetical scenario. 

13. WikiPedia

Wikipedia offers no-follow backlinks but still, these backlinks have serious value. They bring trust and enhances your authority as a website. How to receive backlinks from Wikipedia? Let’s get back to steps.

Step 1: Do a Dead Link Search

The idea is pretty similar like the one you just read about broken link building! WikiPedia is huge and they have tons of broken links. The good news is that they know what their broken links are and they list those as “dead links”. What should you do then?

Yes, search: [keyword] + “dead link” on Google. Replace the keyword with your topic.

You will see tons of Wiki Pages in the search and one thing is common with all these pages. They all have broken links. I just searched for [Affiliate Marketing] + “dead link” and this is from the first result page:

broken Wikipedia Backlink

See that dead link?

Step 2: Create & Replace

Now, check the title and try to understand the topic of the title. As we can see, this article was about Internet Statistics Compendium 2007. Now, i don’t have an article about this on my blog right now but can i write one? For sure! If i write one, can i add it as a reference replacing this dead link? For sure!

Will Wikipedia be happy about it? Oh yes, they will be!

So yes, this was it!


These are definitely not all but a good starting point for most of you guys, i believe.

A special tip: Try to be as relevant as possible when you are doing your link building. A backlink from a relevant source adds at least 100 times more value than the backlinks from an irrelevant source. Even if the site that you are getting a backlink from is irrelevant to your topic, try to make sure that the page is at least on the same topic.

And finally,

This is a 4000 word+ article that i wrote only for you guys. If you think you got even a little help, you can comment below (I would love to chat with all of you) or share this online. That’s the most i will ever want.

Also, don’t forget to subscribe with Passive Journal if you want to continue receiving awesome content.


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