Niche Site Building Services

I didn't expect much when i took the Silver package. I only trusted Khalid as he had a basic tutorial on Udemy. I ended up selling the site for $8900 in 6 months. Thank you


I am still working on my site but it is generating decent income. Thank you for finding me a niche that i love. 

Gregg, USA


Quick Site, Quicker Money

  • A Perfect Niche Researched Only For You
  • Domain, Hosting, Site Development With a Premium Theme
  • 12000 Words of Well Researched Targeted Content
  • Premium SEO to reach top 10 pages of Google USA (Guaranteed)


You can either order directly or you can also email me if you need to discuss!


More Content, Authority Site, Quality Result in Long Term

  • A Perfect Niche Researched Only For You
  • Domain, Hosting, Site Development With a Premium Theme
  • 20000 Words of Well Researched Targeted Content
  • Premium SEO to reach top 5 pages of Google USA (Guaranteed)


You can either order directly or you can also email me if you need to discuss!

If you guys have been with Passive Journal then you know by now that i have been in this game for long enough to be able to build my business around it. I now have a strong team who takes care of my business, my sites and the team is always ready to do more. 

This service was always there for my local followers but now i am introducing this to the international readers too via Passive Journal. There are a lot of you out there who are still hesitating to create a site because you think you are not ready yet. Well, you actually are! 

Why Take This Service? 

Researching and finding that perfect niche is a tough task. We make that easy as we always come up with the best+easiest to rank niches for you. Think about it. A good niche actually makes our life a lot easier at the SEO phase and therefore, we do it for our own if not for you. The niche will always guaranty you more than $500 when you reach to the first page of Google USA. 

Site Development 

We know how to create a site so that it gets maximum conversion and social shares. We have managed and sold big sites and we exactly know which design goes well with what niche. We also take care of your site speed, Logo and all those small things that create big differences later on! At times, we create sites in advance for our Gold Purchases so that you do not have to suffer through the tough times of "Google Sandbox"


Our brilliant team of writers will write engaging and well researched content for your website. Our content is always powerful and we guaranty that you will never face any problem from either Amazon or Google because of our content. This is a money back guaranty for lifetime. 


This is actually what makes us different from those others out there. Both our packages have SEO services included (Top 10 Google Page & Top 5 Google Page SEO) and we guaranty the results. You will never see anybody in this Amazon niche world who will guaranty SEO results. We do because we take limited orders and we are confident about our skills. 

We try to rank your website as promised within 2 months but it is Google we are talking about here. So it might take up to 6 months in special cases. If your site doesn't get the promised ranking within 12 months of order, you can ask for a full refund and we will take back the site. Yes, it is that simple! 


Both Silver and Gold sites are delivered within 55 Days. This is the basic site delivery. Then we start doing SEO and it takes around 2 additional months to complete SEO for both the packages. We guaranty that your main keyword will come to the top 10 or 5 pages of Google USA in this phase. If it doesn't, take your full refund. We never ask questions. 

         For Both Packages

SEO is an integral part of our packages and it is very possible that we become unable to rank one of your sites as we promised. As we only use White Hat techniques to rank sites, this is a common affair. In those cases, you can take your full refund from us. We process refund within 3-4 business days. 

Mail me and let's discuss more. I don't believe in those automated orders. We need to discuss and know each other before we do business together.