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This is going to be my last article of 2016 and guess what? I have decided to talk about the next shiny object syndrome which is also known as the SOS (Shiny Object syndrome). This is not directly a Passive Income guide like most of my other articles. I will not be talking about how to earn money from a straight line in this article. What I will talk about is much more important than that. I will talk about how to grow your earnings from wherever you are right now!

Before we go deep, let me explain you what the Next Shiny Object Syndrome is all about.

Suppose you are a marketer and you make $500 from a website of yours. Let’s say you work on a weight loss niche. After working for two to three months and earning that amount on a regular basis, you will suddenly start feeling that you should do more! That happens to everybody. There are two paths in front of you. Either you can invest more time and money on your existing website that is making $500 a month. Or you can simply go ahead and start something new.

What does logic say? You should definitely put more importance on your existing site, right? That is already generating revenue for you and you can generate more too if you are dedicated. But NO! We marketers are different! Most of us have the Next Shiny Object Syndrome.

This is the point of time when you will suddenly start seeing opportunities around you. All those easy keywords and new methods of earning will pop up in front and it will be very tough for you to stay focused. This is the crucial time. If you let your revenue generating site go at this point by focusing on other things, there is hardly any chance that you will make it. That’s the far of SOS!

Now, this is not going to be a super long post! It is all about understanding the problem. Did you understand it? If you did then you already know the solution too.

Yes, NERD! The solution is to make sure that you don’t get distracted. This is that old rule of success. If you really want to build something, focus on that and that only. Do not even think of anything else, let alone looking.

Now, having said all those, we marketers want to have diversified portfolio, right? It is not fun enough to keep looking at the same old website or keep improving that only one all the time. That’s just not practical. What can we do then?

From now on, I will only tell you about my personal experiences and what I do with our websites. Being an affiliate portfolio and service company, we at Passive Journal deal with a lot of websites. We build around two to three websites a month from the company. We try to manage and grow them up to six months before we start selling. That’s what the company does by the way.

In my personal case, I only have two affiliate websites. Yes, you read it right. I only manage two websites that make all the revenue. I have another new one coming up that does not bring any revenue at this moment. I have a personal rule that I will not go for a new site unless I go up to $500 with my old sites. And I will never keep more than three websites under my personal portfolio.

Some of my marketer friends have 10-15 websites under their wings and they manage it well. I am different and it comes down to self-awareness at the end of the day. You have to understand who you are and how much can you manage keeping the success rate high. Remember, an old and existing website is always more profitable than a new one that you haven’t built yet. Yes, that’s right. No matter what is the keyword competition or the current trend, the site that you have is always more profitable than the next one if you can do things properly.

Obviously, if you have done a mistake or something on the first place then it is different. If you don’t want to work on a site because you think that site has no future then that’s different too. We are only talking about the Next Shiny Objects, remember?

This is going to be a very short blog post. I will probably not even touch 1000 words with this one which is rare. I think this is the first time where one post of Passive Journal is not of 1500+ words. But I don’t want to push it for no reason because I think you already understood what I wanted to say.

Again, this is important because I have seen so many people lose everything or lose the first potential website too because of this syndrome. They start a website, they start working for the site for about a month and boom! They see something new and attentions are shifted.

Now that you know the problem, you should not make that same mistake. The idea is simple. Make a proper plan on how many sites you will have under your wing at max. Do not go over that under any circumstances. If you can control your decipline, you will see better results in 2017, I promise.

Having said that, Here’s me Wishing You All A Very Happy New Year!

I am sure 2017 will be awesome!

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