Local SEO Consultation That Deliver Results

Where I named this page as Local SEO Consultation, I actually do a bit more. This is a service very close to my heart and exactly like other pages of Passive Journal, I am not going to dazzle you with flashy ads! That is not what we do here! We believe in RESULTS. 


We have a wide range of services for Local Businesses! But these are not static ones that I will put with a payment button, you will pay and the order will get started.

We go up to 360 degree Digital Marketing for our clients! ​Some of Passive Journal Magics Are: 

  • Local SEO To Improve Your SERP Position
  • PPC & Media Buying
  • Content Marketing

Again, these services are not for web property owners. If you have an affiliate website or a blog that you want to rank, this is not for you. Our Local SEO Services are designed for businesses that have a physical location or at least an eCommerce. Along working with businesses, we also work with Doctors, Lawyers, Movie Halls & everyone who wants to go up on SERPS with their ventures.

Who should take our services? Yes, these services are not for everyone. If you are a small business, I would love working with you. And We have also worked with big brands generating millions/year. Let's discuss over emails and figure out whether Passive Journal is a good fit for you! 

I can't always take new clients as our team is way too dedicated towards our existing clients. We follow a monthly plan method with all of our clients. The quotes vary though depending on your competition and search terms mostly. 

We believe in results. I know that is a cliche! But we are ready to prove it before you get into a monthly plan with us. 

How about that? 

​I kept everything extremely manual deliberately. I don't want you to just order and regret later. At the same time, as every project is different, we have to understand whether we are a good fit for you or not. The best idea is to go for an email discussion. I personally will reply to your emails and oh boy, I respond fast! 

Email me at khalid@passivejournal.com & Let's start the discussions. I am sure, you will have better business with our assistance.