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I was always interested to interview successful Internet Marketers from around. Finally, we are starting that phase in Passive Journal. Today’s guest is Mr. Ariful Islam Palash, someone who i really admire in the world of online marketers. He is from Bangladesh too just like me. We first had a chat on Facebook last year (i might be wrong) and since then, we discuss strategies, plans and IM related stuffs over Facebook. He is a great guy and has seen tremendous amount of success in Internet Marketing.

Note: Though i couldn’t make him say publicly anything about his monthly income from Amazon Affiliate Marketing, i can tell you that it is a very handsome 4 figure amount in USD 🙂

So, let’s here it from him now!ariful islam palash

Q: Tell us About Your Background!

I’m Ariful Islam Palash, a 21 years old affiliate marketer, currently residing at the 21st megacity and an epicenter of Bangladesh, Dhaka. I am a second-year student at the University of Dhaka.

Q: What inspired you to be in the digital world? 

It was the year 2008; I was admitted to Willes Little Flower School and College. Here, many of my classmates had their personal computers with access to the Internet. They used to discuss these tech related stuff during their off time. I felt left out. None of those made any sense to me. I was made fun of and bullied only because I didn’t know anything regarding computers. I felt like stupid, but that feeling somehow triggered me and made me adamant enough to think, think that if they can do it so can I. I was persistent to do even better than them.

I started collecting computer related magazines from the shops. Whereas I used to buy 3 technology related magazines at the initial time, I became so much inspired as the time went on, I even collected the previous editions and kept on reading them.

I used to buy any computer related books I could find. But there was another problem.

I needed a place to practice what I read. So most often than not I dedicated hours after hours in the cyber cafes practicing what I had learned.

Dad saw my zeal for computers and bought me one finally, but I had no internet connection at first. But eventually, Mom got the internet connection for me too.

While most of the boys and girls of my age, kept themselves confined to Facebook, I was busy in my own world then. I started blogging on technology, at Bangladesh’s biggest tech blogging platform of that time. With the lapse of time, I became the moderator of the blog as well. That’s how things started for me. 

Q: How did you start? Did you have a mentor? 

The start was as a freelancer. I worked on SEO initially, never went through any academic training or as such. There was no lack of resources to learn what i wanted to learn online; I just utilized those. But, there’s someone who directly wasn’t my mentor, but I can’t resist mentioning his name.

Jinnat Ul Hasan.

I’m grateful to him because I learned the basics from his blog. (My first blogging experience was with a domain hosting which I received as a competition prize from his website.)

Q: Why did you start Affiliate Marketing?

I had good depth of knowledge on SEO, didn’t find it hard to do affiliate marketing utilizing that knowledge. Besides, there’s one kind of freedom in it. Work when you wish to, relax when you don’t want to work (that doesn’t mean I’m lazy :P)

Q: What do you think about the future of Affiliate Marketing?

If you compare the last few years with the present condition, you can easily have an idea about its future. There weren’t this much of affiliate marketers a few years back.

The field of affiliate marketing is increasing keeping pace with the increasing number of affiliate marketers.

It is a manifest that the work is going to be competitive in coming days, but the market itself would also be bigger and better.

Q: Where did you discover information and strategies on how to create Niche Sites? 

NichePursuits, case studies written by Spencer primarily helped me with necessary information about “Amazon” niche websites.

Pat Flynn’s SPI Blog also helped me a lot.

Besides, having a prior knowledge of SEO was a plus point in understanding things efficiently.

Q: When did you launch your First Website? Was it a Success? 

Earlier last year (2015), I launched my very first Amazon niche website and it indeed was a massive success for me.

Being my very first work, i kept little expectation from it.

I would have been satisfied with nearly 200$ per month. But all praise to the Almighty, the site did beyond my expectations.

Q: Do you arrange everything yourself or do you employ others to assist you? 

I have a team for content writing. Other than that I do rest of the works by myself. Some people ask me why I don’t get my works done by a VA; it would have saved a lot of my time they say.

But I prefer building a site with all my efforts instead of making three at that time. I build my sites with a lot of care.

Being a lazy student, I get enough time for my works.

Q: Tell us about your Content Strategy!

My content strategy is a bit different as I always think of how to make my readers happy.

The sites I’m working on at present carries at least 80% informative content if not more. Rest are affiliate contents.

Informative contents are of 700 words at least; there are some of 4000 carrying the maximum words. Some may find it funny asking if it’s necessary at all!

But I know how gaining links have become easier for me with the help of these.

Q: Tell us More Please?

So, most of the time my content rank in top 20 with on page SEO only. Then if you push it with a few links the site tops in the rank. Then, it only needs that push with a couple of links to rank in the top of big G! 

Longtime Experience on keyword research comes real handy in this cases. My main weapon for link building is WEB 2.0 and Guest Posting.

Apart from these, I follow some mainstream strategies. As almost every SEO experts utilize these strategies, I’m not going to say much on those here.

Q: Tell us about your biggest success so far!

I like to help people a lot, those who know me personally know it better.

I measure my success with how many people I have inspired. When people show me that they succeeded with my help, that’s when I feel successful. (We’ve some awesome affiliate community in our country)

Money is too futile to judge success with.

Q: What are your plans for future? 

I like to build my niche websites as a great resource for niche itself.

The first aim is to build some niche websites I can actually be proud of.

I dream of earning 20,000$ per month passively. If I can work as I’ve planned, I don’t see it impossible.

I’m not sharing my actual plan, though! I hope that’s alright!

Q: What tips & advice you will give to the Passive Journal Readers who want to earn and pursue their dreams?

The problem with us is that we don’t want to learn, don’t want to spend on learning either.

Believe me, the more you spend on learning, the more you will earn back. Instead of looking for shortcuts every time, try to learn the right way of doing things! then start executing your plans.

Success will be yours.

If you want to learn affiliate marketing, then only learning the process won’t do. There’s so many stuffs in it. Try to learn and go deep! Study on everything related to your work. Content, SEO, buyer psychology etc.

Read books, blogs, you can even enroll yourself into online courses.

The main strategy is, never stop learning. Keep learning Consistently.

Basic knowledge is always enough to get started with your work, but if you stop there, you my friend will lose there.

Khalid Again: So this was it guys! I hope you enjoyed the thoughtful words of Mr. Palash. As i personally know him, i have seen how helpful he is to the new online marketers of our community. He also runs his own blog ProjuktiGeek (written in Bengali, only for those who can read Bangla) where he talks about Amazon Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Content Strategies & more!

I wish him success and i hope that he reaches to his dream soon!

Let me know what do you guys think of the interview 🙂 Ask questions in the comments if you wish. Should i continue taking more interviews? Let me know!

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