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I am sure you already read tons of infographic SEO related articles over time. If you are a SEO enthusiast like me, there’s no reason why you didn’t. Anyway, no matter whether you did or not, this is not going to be one of those ordinary ones. I will try to be as detailed and as step oriented as possible. Hopefully, this will be a complete one.

That’s the target to be honest. Whenever i write for Passive Journal, i want to make sure that you don’t need to go to a second place to find information on this same topic. With that in mind, let’s go ahead and start our Infographic SEO article.

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So, in case if you don’t know, let me describe you in a few words what is an Infogrpahic! 

If we really break it down, you will see that there are two parts of the word! There’s info and there is graphic. That basically tells us the whole story. It is information in a graphical form. Let me give you an example. If you visit my guide on Amazon Affiliate Marketing, you will see that there are two huge infographics in the article. One describes the steps of Amazon Affiliate Marketing and another is about On Page SEO from Backlinko.

So that’s basically it. Infographic helps us to understand a content better. After all, who on earth have time (other than us, marketers) to read thousands of words, right? 😉

This article is more about Infographic SEO and less about why infographic is important. We will talk details about how you should go about creating infographic, how to do your SEO with the infographic and how to get links but before all of those, let’s understand why it is important to pay attention to Infographic as digital marketers.

infographic seo

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Why Go GaGa About Infographic?

If you pay attention to the digital media as a marketer, you will see that we have recently seen a huge shift in the digital industry from boring content to visual media. Previously, it was all about words! Think about it. Facebook video was not there two years ago, neither we had a popular Instagram or SnapChat. Everything was more about written stuffs. Then the change happened and now audience is more interested in visualizing stuffs than just reading it.

Therefore, videos and things like infographics are going to be the future giants. Infographic has been there for a year now but it is still considered new as not a lot of marketers are using this brilliant tool. Hopefully, this article change some minds.

Here’s the reason why i think it is important to pay attention to Infographics! 

Attention Grabber

We hate it when the traffic clicks the back button. Our bounce rate increases but most importantly, we lose a potential customer, right? An Infographic can be your attention grabbing tool in this case. Seeing tons of charts, graphs and stats, your target audience will stay for a few more seconds which will probably change his/her decision about staying on your site for a long term. That is the plan and that should be your goal.


Let’s face it. Only content and no image are boring. You will always feel like you are reading a passive journal article if you see no image and tons of words. That’s not how all the niches work. You need to make sure that your page looks appealing. Yes, you can do that using videos, images and GIFs. But infographics are more fun and they can express stuffs better.

You have to understand that infographics hold a lot of information in them which is not ignorable at all.

Easy to Understand

An image can speak a thousand words. This is a super easy to understand method to express your emotions. What you cannot express with thousand words can be done with an image. Often we, marketers forget the fact that we should provide value to our readers. Helping them in understanding our topic easily is a part of that value creation where infographic rules.

Easy to Share

People often tend to hesitate sharing the whole article. They like sharing images. Social media is also designed in a way that images get more response than words. If you have a great infographic inside your article and if you enable sharing options for the infographic, you will always see that the infographic is getting more shares than your article.

At the end of the day, your link is getting popular which is all you want.


Infographics are easy to remember and traffic who sees an infographic do remember and talk about it with friends at times. That doesn’t really happen with a regular content based article. Remember, the infographic has to be interesting to make it there. If your infographic is not a good or interesting one, nothing’s gonna work for sure.

Can go Viral

If you can go viral with one of your posts, you know what will happen. A regular post can never go viral (well, very tough at least). The best methods to go viral are to create a video or at least, an infographic. An interesting video or a super fun infographic holds high chances of going viral. If you can make it, you will surely see huge success.

The best part about something that goes viral is that you do not have to do anything once it is viral. It goes to an autopilot.

Infographic SEO Benefits (The Main One)

Now, you understand that infographic is important and you can use it in your website. That’s fine. The main question is, how can you use infographic to boost your SEO? That’s the main topic of this article. We are done explaining the basic stuffs. Let’s start our real business now which is all about Infographic SEO.

Infographic SEO- The Ultimate Guide

So, how to build backlinks with infographic? That is our primary concern when it is about infographic SEO. Infographic SEO is a new method (well not that new) but is already ruling the SEO industry. The reason behind is being able to get awesome links with high metric. We will see a step by step guide here to understand how to build backlinks with infographic. Let’s go for it.

Step 1: Creating The Infographic

This is undoubtedly the most crucial step of all. You have to make sure that your infographic is better than anything out there. It has to be well researched and it also needs to be visually appealing. Remember, both the parts go hand in hand. If you have an infographic which is great in terms of resource but is not a decent one to look at, you will not see huge responses. Same for the other way around too.

My suggestion is hiring a freelance designer from a good marketplace (Upwork for example) for every infographic of yours. I really don’t recommend using Fiverr or similar cheap sources. Where those are easy and takes only $5 at times to create an infographic, the quality is never good and most of those sellers do not get involved in the research phase which makes things even tougher.

It is always better not to have an infographic than having a poor one

Keep a decent budget for each of your infographic. It will save you a lot of money in the long run, which i can promise about.

Step 2: Publishing The Infographic

Now, i obviously knew that you can post images on your own. Why did i make this as step 2 then? There are some stuffs that you need to know when it comes to posting an infographic in your website. Firstly, make sure that it is big and it is larger than life. After you are done publishing the infographic, make sure that you follow it up with an Embed code generated from Siege Media for example.

The embed code will help people with website to simply get the infographic from your site (without copying it illegally). And you obviously get a backlink in return.

Step 3: Initial Promotion

Before we get into Infographic SEO and link building, let’s start with an initial promotion campaign. As we now have a brilliant visual image, we can go ahead to popular social media like Facebook for example (I always choose Facebook) and advertise our infographic from the page with the actual link in it. Don’t forget twitter either because retweeting ratio for infographic is higher there.

Spend a few bucks ($50-$100) for ad promotions on these two platforms. (You can choose other platforms too if you have the budget). After the promotion ends, two things can happen.

  1. You might get tons of page likes, post likes or retweets
  2. Or you might get some backlinks too

The best case scenario: You get both (You have to have a very good infographic to make that happen)

Step 4: Find Targets

So let’s say, your infographic is about horse race. Your infographic says how horse race was invented, what’s the current scenario, what happens and bla bla (I am not an expert in horse race). You now have the infographic live in your website with an amazing article supporting the infographic.

It is time to find the targets. Simply Google “horse race blog” and have a look at the results. You will see that there are lots of blog type sites which publish contents on this niche. Have a detailed look at each of the websites. Try to understand their content structure. Will they accept guest post? Do they publish diversified content? Is the site regularly updated? If the answers are yes then it is a potential target.

You should not take all websites as potential targets as that will kill time. Not every website will respond to you so if the website doesn’t seem pleasant and you find that it is not a website that updates regularly, simply ignore that one.

Now get the contact details of that website. What i do is, i always prepare an excel sheet with all the contact details. If the website has an email, pick that. If that is not available, you will find a contact form which you can use. Very rarely, you will see that a website has no option to contact. Don’t lose hope. Simply find the social profiles of that website and contact via those social profiles.

Step 5: Engage

I am (name) from (website) and i write about horse race and related topics. When I was looking for similar niches online, your site came up. It is a great one. I actually recently published an infographic about horse race. Would you mind having a look at this infographic? Here’s the link: (link)

If you think it will help your audience some way, you can share it with them. Me and my site will love it.

Anyway, even if you don’t like it, let’s be connected as we operate on similar niches.



It is not necessary that you have to follow this same structure or words. Be creative and try to be as personal as possible. Talk about their latest articles if you can. Share some suggestions about their articles or web design if you want. Remember, you have to make sure that the email doesn’t look like an automated one. That’s the trick.

I don’t recommend sending 100 emails with same format. Be personal and try to make the webmaster understand that you follow his/her website. 

That’s pretty much all about it. If you can make these steps right, you will surely get some amazing links back to your website. The links will be relevant, they will be fresh and they will bring not only SEO results but also real time traffic which is amazing.

If you want, you can have a look at our infographic creation service here

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