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So, you are interested in PBN (Private Blog Network)?

This is going to be a real big article so i suggest you guys to bring pizza or something that you like to eat. Otherwise, you might fall asleep. I always love to eat while i read stuffs online.

Anyway, as you are here in this PBN: The Ultimate Building Guide, i am assuming that you already know by now what a PBN is. In case if you don’t know yet, don’t worry! I will be explaining PBN simply for you. In this article, you will not only know what is PBN but you will also understand how to create your own PBN network. I went through the step by step procedure on my own and found results. I am sure that you will find positive results too if you can maintain the same methods. Let’s not bore you guys with my boring introduction. Let’s get straight into the action.


What is PBN

PBN or Private Blog Network is a black hat SEO strategy to improve the rank of your website. I hope you already know what Backlink is. Backlink is a link from a website back to your site. So for example, i will mention a few websites in this article for different purposes. All of those sites will get a backlink from me. This is a white hat technique and Google counts backlinks to decide which website will go ahead in the search position and which will fall behind. Obviously, there are other metrics too but backlink has always been one of the most important strategies to go ahead in Google’s ranking.

Now, when i am writing and naturally giving links to different sites, that is considered as a white hat thing because i am not breaking any rules. But in PBN, you give links to your own sites from other sites that are owned by you. So you are providing your own links to the sites that are also owned by you, right? That is what PBN is all about.

Let me warn you once again! This is wrong in Google’s eye and if Google catches your site, they will de-index the site and all of your work will go in vein. 

Are PBN’s Useful

Well, before i started doing my research for this PBN article, i actually set up my own PBN network. It is a small network right now with 4 sites only and i am planning to grow it up to 10 within next two months. I have already set up 4 domains and the results are amazing. One of my amazon affiliate site which was stuck at page four for a long time recently went to the second page within 7 days with the help of my PBN network.

It is not only me who is saying that PBN’s are still working. If you go to any of the popular website selling platforms such as Empire-Flippers or Flippa, you will see that most of the sites that get sold use PBN to their website.

If you can manage properly, PBN can be the most important asset for your website and if you cannot manage properly, PBN can be the worst nightmare for you. 

In conclusion, i will have to say that PBNs are still useful as they were before. You just have to be a little cautious and you have to build your PBN network in a different way than before.

But I Heard PBNs are Gone

Not only you but almost everyone heard this and there are definite reasons. Before the year 2012, it was super easy to rank in Google. You just had to have more backlink than your competitors if you wanted to rank. So for example if a website had 50 backlinks and if you had 51, you would have ranked for a keyword. It was the era of PBN. Everyone was using huge PBN networks of even 1000, 2000 sites to rank all of their main sites.

Google quickly caught the PBN networks as those were boring sites with no original content, no value and obviously, without any traffic or trust flow. Google slammed those sites and within a day, all those sites that were dependent on PBN were gone from the search results. Almost all of the internet marketers were involved in this PBN game so when Google smashed them, they had no other option but to cry and say PBNs are gone!

The truth is that PBNs are gone for only those who want to build a massive network without any trust flow or quality websites. Now if you want to build a PBN, you have to take care of your sites like your main sites. We will talk about everything in detail later but let’s just know for now that PBNs are still there and they are stronger than ever before!

Now we will start our step by step guide on how to build a PBN network:

Step 1: Finding & Buying Expired Domains

You have to use expired domains if you want to build a PBN. Yes, you can build a PBN with fresh domains but those domains will take ages to be good under Google’s eyes. When millions of domains are getting expired daily, why would you take that chance? The best part about expired domains are that they are real, they will come with awesome backlinks and profiles and if you are lucky, you might even get some traffic too.

To find expired domains, we have to visit: Expired Domains. It will actually take a few weeks for you to find all the domains that you need. If you are planning to build a 4 site PBN, you will need 4 domains and so on! Let me explain you Expired Domains with a video:

How was my voice? Should i do more video tutorials and guides?

Anyway, now you know how to go ahead and find expired domains. You should also know that though this is the cheapest method to find expired domains, it is pretty hard to get a good domain from this website. If you don’t find a domain that you like, there are other places where you can search for expired domains such as:

  • Fiverr
  • PBN Groups in Facebook (Search for Those)
  • GoDaddy Auctions (I hate GoDaddy so not recommended)

Step 2: Metrics To Look at When Buying Domain

Where my video told you how to find expired domains, it didn’t actually tell you which ones will be the good ones for your PBN network. This is the most important part of your whole PBN plan because if you fail to choose the right domain, everything that you are doing will go in vein. Here is what I recommend:

Try to find a domain that has these metrics:

  • DA: More than 20 From Moz
  • PA: More than 20 From Moz
  • TF: More than 10
  • CF: More than 10
  • Spam Score in Moz: Less than 3
  • Site Age: At least 2 Years
  • Backlink in Aherfs/Semrush: At least 20 for root domain

And use your common sense too in the whole process.

One special Tip: Always buy a mix of .com/.org and .net domains for your PBN network. Do not only depend on .com domains. Also, try to avoid sites that were not made in English before.

Step 3: Analyze Your Domains & Reject a Few

Using the metrics that we had in Step 2, you should now finalize your domains. Let’s assume that you had to buy 10 domains for your PBN network. You should always select a few more in step 2 so that you can reject a few in this step. How would you reject a few domains? Well, you will have to use a site called Archive.org.

Go ahead and search your domain name in this website. You will see an interesting history bar. Check how was the site before and answer these questions:

  • Was it an adult site before?
  • Did it use any other language other than English?
  • Is it a company website?
  • Did the site look fake before?

If all the questions are answered positively, you can simply go ahead with the domain. If any of those were wrong, simply ignore that domain. Remember, if you compromise here, you might have to suffer in the long run.

Step 4: Buying Domains

Buying domains for your PBNs might not be as simple as you think. You will have to make sure that Google doesn’t catch you in any way when you are buying your Domain. Therefore, my suggestion would be that you randomly use a few different companies to buy your domain. Also, make sure that you are registering with different emails in all of those domain providing websites. This will keep you safe from Google.

Here are some domain selling platforms that i recommend:

And use other ones of your local community and international ones too. Mix things up! Do not follow a fixed pattern when you are buying a domain. Also again, make sure that all domains are bought from different email accounts. You can have the same payment details though as payment details are never shared with Google. Just to make things clear once again, if you are planning to build a 10 site PBN, you should buy from 10 different domain providers.

Step 5: Buying Hostings

A lot of people think that it will be a tough thing to do where it is super easy. You just need to have patience. The task is almost similar to the one that you just did. You now need completely new emails for your new hosting accounts. The emails that you have used for domains should not be used to buy hostings too. You will have to create new email addresses for every hosting that you buy.

Again, the process is exactly the same which means that if you have 5 domains, you will need 5 hosting accounts from different hosting companies. If you are hosting 2 sites at one hosting account, Google will come hard at you so there is no point in taking risks.

Again, here are some hostings that i recommend. Use these and then some other ones. Find cheap ones from your local communities.

Personally i don’t really like GoDaddy and i don’t use them for any of my services. But yes, you might have good experience too. Also, find hostings from your local community and search Google for different hosting offers. Do not buy cheap hosts for your PBN because if you have downtime in your PBN, Google will not rank the site well! Remember, PBNs are taken care of exactly like a main website.

Oh i forgot to mention one thing! Make sure that the hosts that you are selecting has one press WordPress install scripts in their Cpanel. This will make your life super easy.

Step 6: Blocking Robots

You don’t want to mess with Google but you certainly do not want sites like Aherfs, Serps or Semrush to collect data from your website for your competitor. The best strategy therefore, is to block all these bots from coming and collecting data from your website. The best plugin to do this is Link Privacy. It is completely free too!

Step 7: Designing The Sites

You have gone through the hard way. The rest are easy tasks. The first thing now you have to do is to setup WordPress in all of your sites. Make sure that you use different usernames for each of the site. Now do these:

  • Install a different theme for each site. You can use free themes if you want!
  • Create and write all important pages (About, contact, privacy)
  • Create your menu
  • Design the site well

Step 8: Publishing Content

This is where most people make their mistakes. They do not understand the fact that having a quality PBN is all about having good content in your PBN. Always remember that if you ignore the importance of content, you will never be able to build a successful PBN network. Therefore, all content should not only be 100% plagiarism free but should also be well researched and well written (free from all grammatical error).

Initially i used to hire writers from Upwork for this but now i use my own team of writers. It is up to you what you will do but my suggestion will be that you should never ever experiment with content. Always publish 1k+ word articles in your PBN and make sure that you include at least 1 video and image with each article.

Make sure that you post at least 5000 words of content in each of your PBN site before you go ahead and take a link back to any of your sites.

Step 9: Take a Link

Now is the sweet time. You are now ready to take a link from your PBNs to your money sites. You should take only one link from one PBN to one of your money sites. Create a 1000 word+ article that goes along with the topic of your money site and then post it to one of your PBN sites. Take a link and also make sure that you give link to other authority sites (not your competitors) from the same article. Now repeat this process with new articles for all PBNs. Hooray! You got your links.


Now watch your Ranking Go Up 😀 

Extra Tips

You have to always make sure that you are taking care of your PBN like your original site. These tips will help you to make your PBN better and stronger.

  • Create social profiles for all of your PBNs and keep those updated (a post in a week will be fine)
  • Always post new content to your PBN (Once in every 15 days)
  • Create unique logo for your PBN
  • If you have time and if you are not already mad, create web 2 links for your PBNs. This will work like magic for your money site!

Note: I have my own 4 site PBN service where i will take orders from August. If you are interested, feel free to contact me. I will only take a few orders as this is a real private network. 

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