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Did you hear the term event blogging before? It is not a popular one though among most marketers which is interesting. Event blogging is all about capturing the power of a moment (a few days) and it needs specific planning and time. Most marketers are busy with their regular stuffs and event blogging does not always fit in that schedule. May be that is the reason.

So, why should you go for event blogging? Event blogging can actually generate a pretty high quality income within a very short span of time. So therefore, if you want to have a little fun with your marketing life or if you simply want to test a new method, this event blogging guide is for you.


What is Event Blogging?

Probably you can guess it from the name! Event blogging is nothing but taking the advantage of a specific event in a given time. So let me give you an example to clear all the confusions. Let’s talk about Olympics 2016. So, obviously, in the year 2015, there were hardly any Google search for keywords like Olympics 2016, Rio Olympics and so on, right? What is the reason? Simply, people were not interested about this topic back then but as the Olympic came near, the search volume increased.

Event blogging is all about taking the advantage of these sudden search volumes by building a targeted site on that keyword in advance.

So Christmas 2016 is coming ahead for example. Now, if you can build a site and rank it well for Christmas related keywords, you will see huge search volumes at that specific time. There will be millions of visitors in your website and you can monetize the site in different methods.

The problem is that you won’t be able to use that same site after the event ends. It is an opportunity of 7-10 days which you will have to grab and earn.

So let’s discuss event blogging step by step, shall we?

I would love to tell you in advance that event blogging is not for everyone. Unlike some other passive income streams, event blogging faces a ton more competition at times and the time that you get to rank a website is so short that if you can’t manage to do it, you will be wasting your investment. Therefore, make sure that you know what you are doing!

Now as always, to make things simpler and easy to skim, we will be doing a step by step guide on event blogging, shall we?

7 steps of event blogging infographic

Step 1: Finding Your Event

Depending on how good you are as a marketer, you can select either a big event or a small one. A big event can be something like a world cup or a big day like valentine where all the crazy marketers will run after good search positions. These will be tough positions to get ranked for if you are new in SEO and blogging. Therefore, if you want to play it small and smart then you can choose small events.

Small events can be a single football match or even a small movie release for example. Think about it. There are a lot of events out there. At least a 1000 of good movies release in a year, there are numerous sports events and you also know about the big event days, right? The number of opportunities are unlimited.

Think and think more. Then after you finalize an event, it is time to go to the step 2.

Step 2: Check if it is the right one

Marketers should never really focus on their intuitions. They should always rely on evidence and data sets. After you found your event AKA keyword, it is time to check whether the keyword actually gets enough search or not. What will we do to find that? We will simply go to Google Keyword Planner to have a look at our event details. Let me do a sample for you.

So, Columbus day is coming on October 12th. Let’s say we select the keyword Columbus Day 2016 for our event. Now, as the day is yet to come, people are not yet searching a lot for the keyword: Columbus Day 2016.

event blogging sample

See, only around 49,500 people are searching typing “Columbus day 2016” on Google per month. Now, to understand whether it is a good keyword or not, we will have to check the previous year’s data. That will tell us whether the search goes up or not when the time comes. So, let’s see the search numbers for the keyword “Columbus day 2015”

event blogging sample 2

See the difference?

The search number is way higher and it is super high on October (obviously). So we can expect that our 2016 search results will also go high on October which means that this is a great keyword to go for.

In some cases like if you are doing event blogging for a brand new event or for a movie then you will not be able to find data about your topic. The only way in that case is to go by manual research and logic.

Step 3: Set Up Your Site

If you have created websites before then this is not a tough task to go for. We will not be talking details here as i assume, most of you already know how to create websites. Simply buy a domain from a good platform like Namecheap, go for a hosting account and simply setup your WordPress website.

If you really need to know more about how to create WordPress sites, do a Google & YouTube search.

Step 4: Filling in Content

So, now you have your WordPress site ready and live. Do not bother in keeping it hidden from Google as that is a waste of time. Also, do not bother about indexing sites to Google as you do not really need to do it anymore as WordPress sites get auto indexed by Google within a few days if your content is good enough.

Therefore, it is time to think about content and content only. I recommend that you target your main keyword and post a long (at least 3000+ words) article on the website. The article should be interesting, well researched and informative so that you can attract that keyword traffic and keep them in your website for a long time. It is important that these visitors spend enough time on your site because if they don’t, your bounce rate increases which is negative when it comes to SEO.

Apart from that main pillar post, you should also have a few other posts (around 10,000 words may be) on different related topics and long tail keywords. Like you can post something on the History of Columbus Day, 10 Things That People do on Columbus Day and so on! Find your topic.

Note: We have a content service that you might try if you are interested in! Here is the link: Content

Step 5: Social Signal

The next step for you is to build social signals for your website. Do not leave any stones unturned. From a Facebook page, Google+ page to Pinterest, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Instagram and what not, try to be active in everything with a relevant page or profile about your keyword. Post at least 5 times a day on each of these platforms and include your website links in most of your posts. Do not get spammy. Try to be relevant and interesting the whole time.

Social signal is a big reason that why websites get indexed quickly and why they come to great positions in SERPS. Take that advantage.

Step 6: SEO

So, this is time that you go for your SEO tasks.

See, i will be very clear here. As this is a short term thing (you will not be keeping your site to the first page of Google for more than a month at max), you can use all the black hat techniques you want such as PBN. I have seen people who had great success with PBN on their event blogging sites and i have also seen failures.

If you really do not want to go for black hat techniques then try these basic ones:

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Site Submission
  • Image Backlink
  • Document Backlink
  • And some few other regular ones!

The process is a lot like the White Hat SEO that we do for Amazon Affiliate Marketing excluding the tough parts like email outreach or real guest posts for example.

Step 7: Monetize Your Blog

You should actually monetize your blog immediately after you are done putting the contents in your site. Remember, if you do not have a Google Adsense account already, the event blogging website will not get you one. You should already have a Google Adsense account from a valid website which you can use here in this event blog.

Along with/apart from from Google Adsense, you can monetize your blog using:

  • Chitika Ad Network
  • Popads
  • Media.net
  • Infolink

and so on!

Nobody can replace the power of Google Adsense though so keep the percentage of Google ads high in your website.

If you are an experienced marketer, you can also take advantage with CPA ads and Affiliate links in that same event blogging website. 

Final Tips

Always choose the event at least 1-2 months early before the actual date. It will give you enough time to rank the site. Choosing a low competition event is a great idea for a new marketer. Also, make sure that you are integrating Google Analytics & Webmasters with the site so that you can get traffic.

If everything go alright, you will see a massive boost of traffic on the actual week of the event. In case if you are wondering how much can you earn from event blogging, it can easily go anywhere from $400-$4000 within 1-2 weeks depending on your niche/event.

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