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If you are into SEO, you know by now that Domain Authority or famously known as DA is one of the most important ranking factors for your website. If you are interested to get a good rank in SERPS, one of the easiest ways is to get a good DA for your website. If you can manage to have an awesome DA, life gets easier as from then, whatever you post on your website, those articles will always beat their competitions to some extent with the help of your domain authority.

Domain Authority is definitely not the only method to enhance your ranking in search engine but it is a good one and where most people think achieving a good domain authority is a tough task, i think otherwise.

As a web entrepreneur, i am building sites on a constant basis. At the same time, me and my team posts on our sites on a daily basis and one thing is clear! If you have a site with better domain authority, you do not really need to worry a lot about SEO later on. A good domain authority helps a lot in that process automatically.

The idea is simple. Why would i want to do SEO for each of my posts in all of my sites where i can just get their DAs improved and make a head start? That’s exactly what i do! It is not like that if you have an awesome DA, you do not need to go for SEO strategies anymore. You still need to go for the strategies anyway but the good part is that your task becomes a lot easier.

Millions of websites are made each day and the rate is increasing on a daily basis. Life is getting tougher for Google to understand what is a good site and what is a one month scam. Therefore, the importance of good DA and PA (Page Authority) will keep on getting higher and higher as the days go by.

Anyway, i am done with the introduction. It is time to get into the 10 actionable Domain Authority strategies. So, let’s proceed with that after this heading!


Domain Authority Improvement! 10 Actionable Strategies

A lot of so called experts will tell you a lot of stuffs. I even heard the fact that if you have more social sharing, your DA will improve. That’s not how it works to be honest. There are very specific metrics and methods when it comes to domain authority. Before we start with the strategies, let’s have a quick look at how DA is calculated for each individual sites. That will give us a better picture.

How Domain Authority is Calculated

Domain Age

There is no way that you buy a brand new domain and the authority gets up to 50 in a few months. Domain age is the premium factor when it comes to domain authority. The older your site is, the better is the chance for your site to have a better DA. I have seen that people who buy expired domains get better DA sooner than those who buy new domains. If you are into niche site building for example, you might keep that in mind!

Good Backlinks

If you want great domain authority for your website, you have to make sure that you have good backlinks. It is super important to have not only backlinks but good backlinks that are relevant to your site topic. Poor backlinks will really harm your DA so you should also make sure that you disavow all the poor backlinks that you have in your website from Google Webmaster.


This is nothing unexpected! If you have good backlinks, you are going to get good ranking in search engines and search engine ranking is another factor that determines whether your website should have a better DA or not! It sounds like that chicken and egg theory. Did chicken come first or did the eggs come first? We don’t know but in this case, your backlink will come first and then the ranking unless you are operating in a super low competition niche.


If you want a good DA, your site should have a ton of contents in your website. The number of words along with quality really matters at least in this case. Recently from the million search analysis by Brian Dean, we know the fact that the average first page content length in Google search results is around 1800. It simply means that if you have a bigger content, the chances are high that you will land in the first page of the SERPS and if you land on the first page of SERPS, you are going to get better DA. All of these things fall into places, isn’t it?

How to Increase Domain Authority?

It is time!

We will have a look at the strategies now on how you can improve your domain authority! Let’s not waste time and get into those!

Domain Name

You already know by now that domain names have a big role to play in the world of DA. Well, it is not actually the name but the domain itself. But the name also has a minimum role to play. When you are buying a domain for your next project, make sure that the name of your domain is short and fun! Do not go for big names such as Instead, select something simpler that is easily memorable.

At the same time, if you can find an expired domain on your topic which is not a spammy one, you should think about taking that instead of buying a brand new domain. An expired domain will more likely give you a better Domain Authority within a short period of time.

How to Find Affordable Expired Domains

You can check this resource from Quicksprout on how you can find expired domains at a good price!

Get Backlinks

This is a common one so there is nothing much to talk about this. If you have more and better backlinks, you will surely have a better Domain Authority within a very short period of time. Remember, if you have a ton of backlinks from Web 2 sources for example, that will hardly have any impact on your DA. You should generate backlinks from great sources. Only then you will see the results in your Domain Authority.

Some quality approaches to link building are:

  • Guest Posting
  • Broken Link Building
  • Resource Pages

And there are a ton more!

Diversify Your Links

If you want to have a better domain authority, it is important that you diversify your backlinks. The backlinks should come naturally from different sources. The sources can be sites that are weaker than yours, sites that are better and from varieties such as Wiki, Blogs, Forums, Web 2s and also from social sites like Pinterest, Quora, Reddit and etc. Make your link profile look natural. If you have tons of backlinks from one specific type of source and nothing from the other types, you should not expect better DA.

Get Contextual Links

Contextual links are links that you post inside an article. Contextual links always provide you better SERPS results than links from comments or from an about section. The reason is simple. Contextual links help Google to understand the topic of your website and also it helps Google bot to figure out whether you are getting a link from a similar niche/article or not. Therefore, always try to get more and more contextual links from similar niches of your blog! This will massively help your domain authority. Remember, if you can even manage a no-follow link from a contextual source, that helps your rank and DA!

Awesome Content

If you have decent enough content on your site then the chances are high that you will generate better domain authority. Think about it for a second. What is authority and which websites are known as authoritative sites? The websites that you can depend on for a certain topic! How to ensure that you are an expert on that certain topic? Yes, by publishing awesome content on that same topic. An awesome piece of content should have two qualities.

The content should be long. Really really long.

The content should be well researched, plagiarism and grammatical error free!

If you have a number of content in your site that matches these criteria, you can expect a better DA.

Inner Linking

What is the easiest method to get a backlink for one of your pages? The easiest method is to get a backlink from another page of the same domain! Make sure that you have a quality inner linking strategy for your website. It should look natural. Do not just include links in your pages without any reason. Tailor your content in a way so that the link makes sense. Proper inner linking makes navigation easier and that has a positive correlation with domain authority. This leads us to the next point which is on page SEO.

On Page SEO

Recently, Aherfs released a controversial article where they tried to ‘prove’ that the days of on page SEO is gone. Well, it might be! But according to me, on page SEO is nothing but organizing your page content in a professional fashion so that not only Google but your audience like it too. On page has many factors and i am not going to talk about all of them in this article.

Here is one small suggestion! Do not make things too loud. Yes, it is good to have an optimized on page but i have seen people making web pages with more than 4% main keyword in content. That is not how you do it. Anyway, we are moving away from our main topic. Let’s get back to the next one!

Remove Bad Links

This is as important as getting new links. In fact, a bad link will harm you a lot more than a good link will gain you. Therefore, you should closely monitor your links from Google Webmaster and remove any link that is irrelevant or that comes from a spammy site. There is a theory though here which i would like to mention. According to many experts, it is not always wise to ask Google for Disavowing links on a regular basis. You should always ask the webmaster first who has your link in his/her website. If you cannot get it removed even by asking, you should only then ask Google to do the honors. I am not sure whether this makes any difference or not. I have done it with all my sites so far.

Site Speed

I have already wrote a piece on how to improve your site speed titled ‘how to score 100 on Google PageSpeed Insights‘. You can check that piece out if you want to increase the speed of your WordPress website up to 100 but let me briefly tell you about it. Recently (in early 2016) Google came out and said that the loading speed of your website matters when it comes to ranking in Google search engine. Some marketers took this seriously and other didn’t. I won’t say those who didn’t take it seriously got crashed but there is a chance now that they will.

Just a few days ago, Google launched their new program called Page Speed insight. Previously, we used to check our site speeds in sites like GTMetrix but now as Google came up with their own site, we can easily assume that Google is taking page speed more seriously. If you have a site with great speed, you are likely to have better Domain Authority.


Be Social

The last one for today is being social. Whatever content you create, you should always promote it in all social media. Do not ignore the importance of any of the social sites. Yes, from Facebook to LinkedIn (Did you know that LinkedIn is recently acquired by Microsoft), you should promote your link to everywhere. I am not telling you to spam by the way. That is bad! I am telling you to promote your content to all the communities who you think will be interested in your topic. One good way that i found is to go for a $1 Facebook advertisement every time i post something in my established sites. That really helps as i get a few shares from the page and i am not spending a ton of money either. You can follow this strategy too.

How to Check Domain Authority

There are a few sites that calculate Domain Authority for your website. The most popular one is the open site explorer from Moz. Simply go there and put your link. You will get the result!

Finally before i end, i would like to tell you that you should always be patient at least when it comes to Domain Authority. Domain Authority will never come easy. Continue the strategies that i mentioned for at least six months and you will suddenly see the magic. Domain Authorities are generally updated in every two weeks. What is a good Domain Authority? Anything above 50 is a decent authority!

Best of luck

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